Is this deal worth it?

Well I saw a post on craigslist for a alienware m11x r3 laptop going on for $800 but managed to haggle the guy down to $600.. He said I can pick the place, test it however I want and anything. He also said there's nothing wrong with it either but can test for however long I want. The guy just seems to need money asap and is trying to sell it fast I guess.

The specs he gave were:
Windows 7 Premium Intel(R0 Core(TM) i7-2617M CPU @
1.50GHz 1.50 GHz 4.00GB Ram its a 64 - bit Operating system has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M Graphics car in it with Realtek High Definition Audio sound card/ in it has 250 GB HardDrivei

Soo yeah, I'm just wondering if anyone think its worth buying? He said he bought it a couple of months ago, paying around $2000 for it. I haggled him from $800 to $600.. Think its worth buying?
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  1. Definitly
  2. NO!
  3. @DelroyMonjo

    why not?
  4. @Mazda215

    You know when you say 250GB HDD, my heart pound hard. The m11x includes a 256GB ssd upgrade, this m11x could be upgraded with ssd, only the owner don't know the true value. This is a steal if it really is a ssd inside. The ssd along will cost $400+
  5. $600 for a used laptop with pitiful specs? I think not!
  6. I have to disagree. For a laptop of that size, it is powerful. Miniaturization always means premium or lower performance. But this one is on par with 15 inch in spec and price so it is a good buy. Ok, used could be a problem, but the m11x is not out for too long and there is probably warranty left on it. The 250GB HDD is probably an ssd which is a big plus.

    But everyone have different opinions and I am sure you think your reason is valid and you will base your decision on your reason. We will just have to let the PO to decide. No point arguing between us.
  7. The 250 GB is NOT an SSD! Wake up! That SSD would cost $500
    Get REAL!
  8. If you look at the Alienware website, a 250GB HDD isn't even an option with with the i7-2617/GT540 video card. Therefore it's either at least a 320GB HDD, the 256GB SSD. or he bought it and downgraded the HDD. Since he said 250GB, I'd place odds on it being a SSD and he just didn't clarify on Craigslist.

    It's a good buy if it's in good shape either way, but with an SSD it's a STEAL. The minimum configured price for that processor/video card combo is $1199 assuming the 320GB HDD. Either way you are getting 50% off at least, and he seems willing to let you inspect it very thoroughly.

    What can it hurt to take a look?

    And if it really is a 250GB HDD, call him out on opening up the system and downgrading parts without telling you. Maybe he'll lower the price more or offer to give you the HDD/SSD it came with so u won't back out/give him bad feedback.?
  9. Thanks for the answers so far guys, ill text/email him and ask for the exact specs that he has on the laptop. Ill be back whenever I get an answer back from him.
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