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I recently posted a message about dual cpus but i found out that there not necessary. i was just wondering what would be great to play games like counter strike. i currently have a amd k6-2 at 400mhz 128 mb ram and 4mb internal video on sis 530. if any one has this game or similar to it what kind of specs do you have on your system. anything would be better than what i got. so what would you recommend i get so i can play this game without it having a high ping and faster graphics? thanks for your help
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  1. If you like to overclock.

    A tbred 1700+@2200, or a p4 1.8a@2.4ghz.

    If you want not to overclock then a 2000+ tbred/axp is a good buy now. Intel is on average a better buy, but never if you do not want to overclock@stock speeds intel is too overpriced for the performance you recieve.

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  2. To get lower pings you need a faster internet connection to go along w/ a system that can run the game well.

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  3. How much money are you going to spend?
  4. Well, for Counterstrike, which is still relatively demanding, you would want a decent video card and processor...we're talking Geforce2/3/4, Radeon 7500/8500 and an a Thunderbird 1Ghz, or higher, or P3/P4 counterpart.

    As for the internet, cable modem is the way to go for low ping, don't even consider 56k for gaming, you will be terribly disappointed

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