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Hi all

I have a ASUS CUBX mobo. What is the max processor I can install to give this old warhorse a new lease on life? I currently have a 600EB processor in it. I would like to update it to 1.3/1.4 gig PIII.

The ASUS website seems to be hiding this info rather well.
It is the last of the 440BX based boards...

I have tried a few other resources (incl. USENET) and have been unable to get help. I can provide more info if neccesary. Can THGC Forum help??


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  1. This web site says 300-800+ MHz as does a few others I saw. So I would suppose that's the top end unless you can overclock it.
  2. After the initial board release and reviews, ASUS released a bios patch to cater for Coppermine processors.

    I understood that since then other PIIIs have come out that my board could support - not sure. Graphics/networking and comms are more my forte....
  3. The newer PIII's are called Tualatins. Although you can't use them directly on your specific mobo, you can get the <A HREF="" target="_new">Powerleap adapter</A>. Plub that into your socket, and then plug one of the Tualatins (1.2, 1.26, 1.4) into the adapter.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  4. You beauty. I knew there was a way to do it...

    Cheers dttdar
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