Acer Iconia 484G64NS I5-480

Hi, I have a question. Do you think there is a way to upgrade graphic card on this machine? Because I really like it, but sometimes, I might need something to render images faster :) if you know what i mean.

I am asking since it have a really easy accessible hardware.

And what do you think, is it worth €849,99?

And about the battery. How hard would it be to get something stronger? Thanks.

links: (this is the actual website from which I might buy it. It is in Slovenian language, but you might use translator to translate it)
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  1. i think it's usually difficult to upgrade the graphic card of a laptop

    usually, you can upgrade RAM, HDD and probably battery (with larger capacity battery)
  2. Hyea, I know it wouldn't be easy. :D
    But I want to know if it would be possible. :) Or at least external graphic card?

    And thanks for your fast reply. I am glad I will be able to get better battery. :)
  3. This is the actual description (from acer site):

    So, hyea ... I hope anyone will read this and will help me out ... So. I have been googling around a bit and I came out with external graphic card. A long time ago, I read that you can add a desktop graphic card (external connection) to improve your laptop graphic, even for the build in monitors, but today I was not able to. The only thing I found is:

    Do you think there is any way to improve laptops overall graphic even for build in monitors? Or is this (external monitor too) the only solution?

    Any advice is welcome.
  4. An external monitor would be better as putting the signal back could be troublesome as the connections is already a huge bottleneck. Plus extra decoding, encoding will increase the latency and decrease the performance. There is quite a big performance decrease as the connection used has nowhere near enough bandwidth for gaming. Though they did say they are working on a thunderbolt vidock which will at least be a step up from the expresscard.

    A normal desktop graphics card goes in the pcie 2.0 x16 which is 64Gb/s, expresscard is 2.5Gb/s, thunderbolt is 10Gb/s. That's gigabits per second and while most graphic cards don't fully saturate pcie, it will with these other connections. Not to mention the price of a vidock is way too much, you'd be better off buying a desktop.

    It doesn't even look like you have an expresscard to use a vidock anyways. So would have to do a DIY setup into the mpcie.
  5. k1114 said:
    Not to mention the price of a vidock is way too much, you'd be better off buying a desktop.

    It doesn't even look like you have an expresscard to use a vidock anyways. So would have to do a DIY setup into the mpcie.

    I always prefer DIY things. :)
    I mostly wanted to know a PROs opinion. So, you think it is not worth it? (i have a desktop already. I only really wish to have a laptop, too. And since it will have Intel HD graphics only, I am thinking about "upgrading" it. Someone here said that this is nearly impossible, so I am only thinking about other options.
  6. Most laptops can't be upgraded as the different models have custom boards. And since you're buying new, there are better laptops at that price with a better graphics card which would be much easier than a diy external setup. And I suppose if the graphic card were to already come with the laptop it would be cheaper too. I would also recommend getting a laptop with the new i5 not the old one.
  7. Hyea....I know. But I fall in love with dual touch-screen. (it have 10 touch dots each :D ). And I love tinkering. xD

    Anyway, I just came across this post:

    If I read it properly, there is even a way to use external graphic card on build in monitors. =P

    And every laptop have a PCI slot. If it is not expresscard, it is where Wi-Fi is placed. And I already have a USB Wi-Fi card for my desktop, so no problem in that. Besides, Acer Iconia have a really simple to remove the back plate to get to inner hardware, so I could easily take it down and put it up again. Perhaps there is even available ?splitter?

    I still haven't checked how would it go with USB 3.0 (which this laptop has). And where I live, better laptops for that price BARELY exist. Of course you might get i7 laptop for just a little more, but I paid €250 for 2 touch dots 21,5" desktop PC touch screen, which is not even LED. So I think 2 touchscreens with 10 touch dots each AND with LED luminosity is worth almost all of the money (i don't know how is outside of my country, :S , but at my place I believe it is). Still, I am only taking my options. I will consider your advice, too. But since I am planning on upgrading my desktop PCs graphics card (GTX 275) with something better (GTX 560 or better), I might easily use my old one (GTX 275) as external for laptop. I will have to buy better PSU anyway, so there is no problem with that either. A few more bucks for those few more things needed is not much too ($55 - $100).

    I have one more question too. Do you (or anyone) think that there is a way to transfer data between laptop and external graphic card over Wi-Fi ? (perhaps if it is a external PC? ... just thinking. xD)
  8. Yes I know there is a way to use the built in monitor and that every laptop has a mpcie as I said in my first post. You'll need the PE4H-PM3N package, a psu, and a gpu, probably nvidia so you can use optimus to use the internal monitor.

    If you are really stuck on that laptop and have the money for a diy vidock, I won't stop you.

    There are wifi audio/video like ones used for htpcs to tvs so that would be possible.
  9. as i said. I will probably upgrade graphic card of my current desktop, which is nVidia GTX 275 with probably GTX 560 or higher (yea, i am nVidia freak and I am thinking about Asus MARS 2 - better GTX590 version). eGPU (the link i post in my previous post) is only 55$ to 100$. Which is not much, i guess (specially if you are PC freak like me).

    And where should I look for that PE4H-PM3N package (i know about (I want to know exactly how much would it cost me to go with all this, before I order anything. So I will have time to change my mind in case it raises too high. ^_^ (Do you think I could get/make it wireless - without wires going outside from the backplate? Any ideas?).

    Do you think there is any unused pci slot in this laptop, beside the Wi-Fi one? Or a splitter? Could it work faster through USB 3.0? What about using both simultaniusly? I am thinking because PE4H have 4 outputs ... Sorry for asking that many questions. :S I just feel more sure about everything if someone more experienced tell me some more ...

    I can figure out which connector is used here. Do you think it is expresscard slot? Because I don't ... or maybe it is ... But still ... just to be sure. :)
  10. You edited the post after I posted. The 275 will be fine. EGPU is external gpu, aka the desktop gpu. I don't know of a splitter but since you do have usb 3, that would be better imo. USB 3 is 5Gb/s, expresscard is 2.5Gb/s. Unfortunately I have no experience or knowledge of egpus through usb 3. Maybe post on that forum since they know much more about this.

    That pic is using expresscard.

    There are a number of wireless tv tuners as well as some external ones that will hook up to a video output. Sorry but again I don't know about this, post in the tv tuner card section of this forum.
  11. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I will came over again, if I will have any more questions. :)
    Thanks, again.

    (i always refresh the page. If there is no new post, I select quick edit. Since there were none, I edited. And looks like you were just typing yours post while I have been editing mine. Sorry, to get this happened.)
  12. did you ever come up with a solution to this?
    If you are still on the fence about the iconia, I will tell you when it works correctly its great.. but mine at least has been a but a flaky. After several rounds of sending it to acer they finaly told me they could not validate the third party memory (8 gig corsair) I had installed and they gave me another 4 gigs of the junk they put in these to start with.. so I would be leary about even slight upgrades. I got it back and the within a few hours the problem started again - I noticed it happened only when plugged onto the wall and using the filter seems to cut back a greeat deal on the issues (irradic bahvior with the touch screens). I have an SSD drive coming in and if everything else works 0k I would like boost the graphics on the graphics - please post any results you have obtained.
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