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Buy Athlon XP2000 now or wait??

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June 12, 2002 10:24:14 PM

My budget is $1000 and this is the system I want to buy now! Here's my question, if the new AMD T-Bred CPU is coming out soon, should I wait to see if AMD will be dropping prices in a couple of weeks or should I just buy my system?? I can't afford the new T-bred cpu but how significant do you guys think the price drop will be on the AMD XP 2000?? Buy now or wait 2 weeks?

AMD Athlon XP 2000 CPU-retail
ASUS A7V333 KT333 Motherboard w/out Raid-Retail
Samsung PC2700 DDR/333 512MB Memory
IBM 80 GB 7200rpm Hard Drive
ATI Radeon 8500 128MB DDR AGP Video Card-Retail
Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer-Retail
3COM/USR V.90 Performance Pro 5610 Modem-Retail
MS Windows XP Pro Full Version - OEM
(I already have a case, cd-rw, toshiba dvd, and floppy)

This system will cost me $912 + $83 shipping = $995

I hope i picked the best components for my computer. I wanted a good computer for games, music, mp3, photo and video editing, dvd movies, Internet....just about everything. Thanks!!

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June 12, 2002 10:38:11 PM

I'd replace the Audigy with a Santa Cruz, it's a much better card, both hardware and drivers.

Waiting is (almost) never a bad idea for prices, the only problem is that you won't have the computer for a while. I'd say go ahead and get it now.

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June 12, 2002 10:45:13 PM

Prices always go down eventually, waiting is up to you....You can shave some $$ off that pricetag now. Why do you need XP Pro? XPHome is cheaper. You should buy the audigy OEM, and nevermind the game you get w/ the retail.
Do you have a good PSU? You will need at least 300W of name brand supplied power....Antec or Enermax.

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June 13, 2002 12:33:22 AM

may as well get one now, the thing with cpu prices is that they are constantly falling.
you could wait indefinately for a xupremely cheap XP processor, but in the meantime newer faster ones will come out and for all that time you wont have a processor.

i suggest just get it now.

couple of points to add:

1. u sure u need a XP2000+? could easily get a 1800+ or 1900+ for significantly less, and you only loose a very small amount of all round performance. that price saving could be applied elsewhere.
my XP1800+ is easily fast enuf for any game or application i throw at it. most often the limiting factor is my ageing graphics card.
sheer cpu grunt is only really a factor when i do lots of divx encoding, but that takes ages anyway regardless of if its a XP1800+ or 2000+.

2. get a decent case and Power Supply for that system. all high end systems get warm, what with the cpu, graphics and multiple drives running. a good case will have better airflow.
like wise a quality PSU will help you avoid alot of problems. besides, Generic PSU's have a high rate of failure. i suggest 300W or greater in either Enermax, TopTower, Sparkle or possibly antec.

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June 14, 2002 10:50:57 PM

Thanks for the suggestions!! I plan to buy this system after Father's day weekend. This will give me a couple days to choose what speed Athlon XP i want. This is a tough decision deciding what speed cpu i want. I thought about buying the XP1800 for $100 bucks but I start thinking, "what's another $50 dollars?" Well hopefully I will notice a difference spending the extra $50 for an XP 2000. All the other parts of my system i am pretty happy with. Since i've heard many good things about the Turtle beach card, I plan to buy both the SB Gamer and Turtle Beach card and test it out myself. I could always put the extra card in my brother's system. I just want a card that sounds great for everything. I do have an Enermax case with 3 case fans inside. This thing is like an air condiditoner in my room.
June 14, 2002 11:38:53 PM

I just made a system with a XP2000+, I select that CPU since it had the best price/performance in my eyes.The 2100 was 30-40% more, so the 2000 looked good to me. Im very happy about my system and I would stick with your selection of the sound/Audigy card, specialy if you play games. Only thing I would recommend is low noise Fans, PSU etc. its nice to hear yourself think!
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June 15, 2002 5:47:38 AM

well go for the XP2000, but if your running on a tight budget a 1800 will save u a fair wad of cash, and u wont loose terribly much performance

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