Games won't start+Extremely slow internet.

I badly need help, here's the deal. I had windows 7, but I got a virus, I tried multiple anti viruses and it didn't work, so my only option left was to system recovery. (had no restore points)
After recovering, all was fine and back to normal, however I noticed that I couldn't play ANY games. For example, World of tanks would say something like "Unable to start client" and IMVU would say "It appears imvu has crashed, would you like to restart?"
So I once again did a reinstall and now I have both problems. I can't play any games and now my browsers, torrents, downloads are EXTREMELY slow. Honestly don't know what to do, any ideas? Thanks.

EDIT: Just remembered if it's any use to you, I did a system recovery while on windows, rather than booting from the cd.
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  1. You could try a fresh OS reinstall.

    - Nick
  2. Just tried this, exact same problems remain.
  3. Have you recently installed any new hardware? Or had any fail on you?

    - Nick
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