Upgrade Laptop Video Card?

I am looking to buy a new laptop. I am a fairly experienced pc user and was wondering if it was possible to buy a cheeper laptop and then install an oem graphics card. If only specific models are avaliable then i would love to know about them. I would like a 15-17 inch core i7 with 500+ gb 7200 rpm hard drive and 6+ gb of ram.
My budget for the laptop would be arround 1000

If this is impossible please let me know of some good laptops from 1000- 1300

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  1. It's pretty close to impossible, and I wouldn't do it unless you know a whole lot about mobile graphics cards already. I believe many mobile GPUs are physically attached to the motherboards of their laptops.
  2. In general laptops are not designed for upgrading the GPU.
  3. some laptops you can switch out the gpu but those are the more expensive laptops and the gpu's to upgrade them can be hard to find and very expensive..
  4. Its doable to upgrade the laptop GPU, but its difficult, you'd probably void your warranty, and the new GPU cards are often hard to find.

    For a notebook: I'd suggest looking at this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230099

    which is the cheapest I've seen with a decent GPU. Its not going to be the best, but Damned good for a laptop.

    Either that or take a look at the MSI range.

    Don't even bother with HP or Toshiba (etc) as they are more focused on business machines!
  5. Ok thanks for all the replies, I guess ill scrap the upgrade idea.

    Ive been searching arround and the company sager seems to have good stuff for a decent price but i havent heard of them.
  6. Sager is a good company.
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