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For those of you that don't remember me, I have a Comcrap system
1.7Ghz P4
512mb SDRam
Geforce2 MX
Came with onboard sound, added PCI512

anyways, last night it was working fine, by today I turn it on and it shows a black screen saying that windows didn't start succesfully, and asking me if I want to start normally or in safe mode. I tried both options, and both times it came up with a blue screen saying "A problem was detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer" Then it says UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME and then it proceeds to tell me that this could be caused by newly installed hardware, and it also advises me to change some bios memory settings in safe mode, however this same thing comes up in safe mode. Any ideas?
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  1. That sounds like a hardware issue, Windows has nothing to do with it.

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  2. what is the hardware modification? i believe it is an addition of a pci sound card to replace the onboard sound?
  3. did u disable onboard sound card before u put in pci sound card?
  4. Yes, i did disable the onboard before I put in the card. It is a Soudblaster PCI512. I installed this like 4 months ago, had no problems.
  5. Oh yeah, another weird thing, when I left it last night it was on and working. This morning I came in and it was off. Unless someone came in and turned it off it turned off by itself...
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  7. Try setting the bios to defaults. Or maybe you have damage to the file chkdsk for that. Either one will definitely fix it.....could also be a crappy IDE cable, but you didnt recently do anything to the cable, did you?

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