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so im in the market for a new laptop ive got a nice gameing desktop so i dont need a massave gameing laptop umm things im looking for cool,light,good surfin power,at least dual core,above 2ghz,4gb ram and any screen size above 10.1 in. ive got a budget of 800$ so i ask all of you to give me some laptop ideas thanks all
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  1. I would suggest a Sager np5160, I had been looking at Sagers and they seem to be really great laptops. If you get a Sager though, buy through a reseller and not from the company directly. Here's a link to the laptop on

    EDIT: You have to pay extra to get Windows 7 with it but it still comes in under $800
  2. Hello spinnizle;

    Clarify your gaming requirements for the notebook... will you?
  3. none really i might watch dvd level moves or stream some vids but no gameing
  4. If you don't need a gaming laptop, you don't need to spend $800.

    here's a laptop that was one of the highest rated on newegg. It would be great for watching DVDs, streaming movies, etc. The Intel integrated graphics aren't going to handle games well but since you won't be playing them you won't care. It will handle videos just fine though. The battery life should be good, since there is no dedicated GPU to power. And if you don't like the battery life you can always get a 9-cell battery from HP to replace the standard 6-cell.
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