AMD K6-2+ and P55T2P4

The oldie tuning article was great. I followed the recommendations and now have a 500MHz (instead of 200MHz). Everything worked perfectly, but I do have a question. On start-up, the machine posts Intel-MMX @ 400 Mhz, but Oda's WCPUID shows an AMD K6-2+ @ 499.83MHz (83.31MHz x 6) and under system properties, it lists an AMD K6(tm)-III? The question is, what is this machine really running at? Would I need a bios update to recognize the new CPU and post at 500? OR is it a non-issue? Either way the machine is twice as fast...I'm just curious about the real speed and bios post vs WCPUID output.


ps sys info
Win 98SE
4.0 Gb HDD
K6-2+ CPU
P55T2P4 MoBo
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  1. BIOS only list up to 400MHz, nothing higher is in it's CPU table. It's running at 500MHz. You could have saved a lot of money by simply installing a K6-2, and not using the Powerleap adapter. A regular K6-2 will withstand up to 2.8v with proper cooling, and the 2x multiplier is interpreted as 6x by the CPU.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Yes! My second computer (first half year ago) is a K6-2 running at 500Mhz using the x2 as a x6 multiplier. Works great!

    In case you want to know my config:

    Asus SP97-V
    K6-2 500Mhz
    128 EDO RAM
    Geforce 2MX PCI, no AGP on mobo :-(

    Before I have a P200MMX @ 250. With the K6-2 I solved the multiplier issue and flashing the mobo with the newest BIOS, run ok. Programs run really better ;-)

    Oh yes, the BIOS say 400Mhz, but in fact it's at 500Mhz fore sure.

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  3. find and run WCPUID
    will tell you what you have and what speed its running at.

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  4. OK...did anyone actually read my first post? I did NOT use a PL adapter, the upgrade was done exactly as the oldie tuning (P55T2P4) article suggested, plug and play with some jumper changes. The K6-2+ chip should only be run at 2.0V (give or take) and finally (lhgpoobaa), I did use WCPUID...and this gives the info (500MHz) which conflicts with the bios post (400Mhz).
    Crashman seems to think this CPU is running at 500, but if the bios CPU table doesn't have a 500 MHz setting, is it a real speed? I think Oda's software is right and the bios just doesn't see the CPU correctly
    anyone with an informed answer??
  5. BIOS doesn't know what speed it's running. I've had K6-2's come up as everything from 66MHz to 266MHz on various boards, as well as 350 and 400. The BIOS doesn't actually calculate or test the CPU speed, it simply looks at the multiplier and the bus speed, compares that to a chart, and reports back whatever is closest on that chart. On some systems it doesn't even know what the 6x multiplier is and reports back 66MHz (as in, no multiplier). WCPUID is a good program for determining true clock speed.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. Very good...glad we got it straight...this is my school machine (mostly surfing and office junk) so it has definitely gotten a life extension, due to the K6-2+ it just needs more ram/another HDD, but that is for another day.
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