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Need help with reformatting

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March 4, 2013 3:53:25 AM

Hi, I'm not really sure what to do after countless of researching how to "reformat" or use "system restore recovery"
I have an Asus g53-jw laptop owned it since Feb2011. It was great for the first few weeks with no problems like loud fans/heat/fps drops etc. I got lazy and endured it for 2 years. Now I'm just sick of the slowness and I need help. Most likely the problems are hidden viruses/drivers/windows updates(especially). I remember one day i had to update a bunch of windows crap and suddenly my gpu temp goes from 30* to 80*.

I mainly play games and watch streams of Twitch.
Even watching videos or surfing the internet my fan goes buckwild and keyboard goes hot.

I got windows 7 pre-installed, didnt come with the installation disc. No recovery discs as well. Went to best buy 2 days ago and approach to a geek squad agent and he said its better to do the recovery disk way instead of reinstalling windows 7...+ i dont even have a windows 7 disc anyway.

My questions and wants(my little knowledge from my research):
1.How do i "reformat" to the factory settings as in exactly how I first purchased the laptop and turned it on for the very first time?

2.Do i need to back up any data that is necessary to do this procedure like Windows 7 files?(i literally don't want any files like games/drivers/music/etc cause i have time to download/install again right? like i said i want it to be a new experience again from the start)

3. "Recovery disk" is the exact same thing as "System Repair Disc"? I've actually done this part on a blank DVD and I got some boot files onto it about 178mb of stuff. I dont know the meaning of this Recovery Disk (System Repair disc)

4. I dont know the next step after 3. Is there any other steps I need to do?

Thank you for reading.

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March 4, 2013 10:08:27 AM

The "System Repair Disc" that you make with Windows "Backup & Restore" feature cannot re-install Windows 7, it can only repair (or attempt to repair) an existing Windows 7 installation, or restore using an image file that you created earlier.

"Factory Recovery" is entirely separate from the above and can restore your PC or laptop to how it was when you first bought it. Before doing this, you must backup any existing files on the hard drive that you don't want to lose.

Most laptops have a "hidden" recovery partition on the hard drive. To start Factory Recovery on your Asus g53 (after backing up your data files) go here:

From reading the above article, you will learn that running Factory Recovery from the hard drive will be impossible if the hard drive has failed (and all hard drives fail sooner or later). So relying on that method alone to get you out of trouble is just not safe. You really need to make your own complete hard drive backup before it does fail.

You can do that with the tools available in Windows 7 (Backup & Restore > Create system image), or use third-party disk-imaging software.
March 4, 2013 7:20:21 PM

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March 4, 2013 7:23:02 PM

^ thx, ill give it a shot and let you know
March 4, 2013 11:47:18 PM

when im creating a system image.

2 options through HD or DVDS
im going with the DVD route

Next message "The drives that are required for Windows to run will be included by default. You cannot include the drive that you are saving the backup to"

checked box OS (C:)  System 76gb used total size 174gb
unchecked box DATA (D:)  500gb unused

Clicked next... then it says the backup "could" take up to 76 gb of disk space

so my question is
Wouldnt i need to have like say 15 DVDS (5gb disc) to backup my 76 gb files on the drive?
How do i know which files to keep to back up the "important files" (windows os files?) Im willing to delete everything like the nvidia drivers/games/etc
I also have the ASUS driver&utility disc

a b $ Windows 7
March 5, 2013 5:11:15 AM

"Wouldnt i need to have like say 15 DVDS (5gb disc) to backup my 76 gb files on the drive? "

You need to buy an external hard drive instead of using DVDs. Having a backup spanned over 15 or more discs is just not practical or advisable. Do you really want to sit there feeding 15 or more discs into your DVD drive? No fun.

"How do i know which files to keep to back up?"

You don't need to know. A system image includes absolutely everything that's on the selected partition. You won't be offered a chance to choose which files or folders are included in the backup image.
March 5, 2013 7:27:03 AM

oh ic...
but if i were to system image "everything" onto an external hd, wouldnt my computer still be running the same issue(heat/loudfan/corrupted files) after i put everything back to the HD from my external?

Like i feel that once i restore back to factory settings and i load up all my files back to the fresh laptop... wouldnt it be running the same symptons because i didnt delete some things that might be the cause of my laptop to go slow/hot/etc?

Or from what im thinking of restoring factory settings also means wiping out viruses/malware/errors. If so... wouldnt some malicious files that may be hidden in my external drive affect the new factory drive?

sorry for ur time and my noob questions