i cant find asus a2500h new bios with usb cd-rom enabled
can you help me
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  1. Hello Mrka;

    That's probably because you don't need one.
    BIOS update is not required for any USB device to work.
    Did you load the software that came with your USB drive?
  2. I do not know where to load the software of my usb cd-rom driver, cause i should to choose device (usb cd-rom device) almost at first sreen when i turn on my notebook. When i push the power button on notebook i think, i have to choose the usb cd-rom device where is windows instalation disc, but i cant do that cause my notebook cant see my usb cd-rom device
  3. A BIOS update will not fix that behavior.

    You may need to move the USB CD-ROM software onto a USB thumb drive to get it installed on the notebook.
  4. I dont know if we understand each other... on my other notebook (toshiba) when i go on bios, at boot option, i have few chooises... boot from cd-rom, boot from floppy, boot form hard disk, boot from ether and boot from usb cd-rom... in bios of my asus notebook i havent the options boot from esb cd-rom and cause that i cant start my windows instalation...
    can you help me about it?
  5. Does your notebook already have a version of Windows running?
  6. No, my windows dont wanna start and cause that i need to install a fresh copy, but i can not boot from usb cd-rom
  7. What is on your hard disk now? Why won't it boot?
  8. restarting over and over... when i try to go on safe mode, it stop on ndis.sys file and then restar again
  9. Chances are your hard drive either has crosslinked files or your hard drive has bad sectors and is failing you will need boot disk or flash drive to check the condition of your drive.

    If you have a flash drive with nothing on it or nothing important that you want to loose follow the instructions on this web page: Bootable System Diagnostics Tools

    And do a hard drive advanced test if you have bad sectors you will need to backup important data and replace the hard drive.

    If you have crosslinked files you need to boot a windows install disk use repair console and type chkdsk /r

    Are you saying your notebook has no cdrom? is there no boot to usb in bios set that as first boot device.
    If you can't figure it out best to bring it to a professional.

    Does your laptop have a floppy drive? if not flashing from usb can damage your bios and is not recommended.
  10. Tech, probably you did not read well our posts...

    My bios havent option to boot from usb flash or usb cd-rom

    How you think then, that i boot from usb flash and check my hard drive???

    Btw, my hard drive is totally ok, cause i put it on other notebook and instal windows normaly... it is tru, when i take it back on my asus windows wont starup cause i think it is different chipset or something, but it is not so importat...
    Important is that my bios HAVE NOT optio to boot from usb devices...

    I hope we understanb each other
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