New Packed Celeron 1.0G

I have heard that Celeron 1.0G (packed date after May) is easy to overclock to 1.5G. If so, I am quite interested to get one of it after buying a CPU upgrade card. Anyone who has tried on Celeron 1.0G ?
(My MB is Asus CUBX)
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  1. It has to be the 1.475v version, not the 1.75v version, they look the same now. The 1.475v version also has 256k Cache.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. New Celeron 1.0GHz/1.1GHz/1.2GHz requires 1.475V for the Tualatin-core 0.13 micron processor
    However, 1.3Ghz/1.4Ghz has to be 1.5V also for Tualatin-core.
    When overclocking 1.0G to 1.5G, please keep in mind that cooler/SDRam/CPU istself is very important.
    I bought one Celeron 1.2GHz and OC to 1.5GHz....very stable
    and CPU mark 113. I am very satisfied with it.
  3. I was just saying that you should still be able to find the 1.0GHz Coppermine, which doesn't overclock well, and that both Coppermines and Tualatins now come with the metal cap, making them both FC-PGA2. I have an FC-PGA2 Coppermine on my board.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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