Acer 5930G stuck in boot loop

I've got a 5930G and yesterday I opened it up to remove some dust from the fan. I've done that a million times before without any problems, but this time my computer won't start. Can't remember to have done anything wrong (but I guess I did), but now it's stuck in a boot loop. Usually I only press the start button one time real quick to fire my pc up, but now I gotta hold it down a second or two to make it start. When it does, it does the whole fan testing thing, waits about 1 second, and then turn itself of. I can hear this clicking sound when it shuts down. Not sure what it is, probably the hdd or something.
When it shuts down, it takes about 2-3 seconds and then it turns itself back on and does the whole thing over again. It tries to do this a couple of times before it gives up.

I've tried turning it on with the battery in, without the battery and and only the charger, and with both the battery and charger in. All the same.

My fan is btw replaced with one I bought on Ebay, and have been working great ever since I got it. I have opened up my computer several times, and nothing have ever happened before.

I dont get as far as to the boot screen; my screen doesn't seem to be turned on at all when I press the start button. I've tried resetting the bios by removing the battery and unplugging the charger and then holding down the start button for about a minute, but nothing happened.
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  1. id say open her back up and see if you undid a ribbon cable or something.
    definitely re-seat the hard drive.
    i use canned air on my laptop fan just to avoid opening it up.
  2. There are no ribbon cables back there, i have to open it up even more to get to them. I have taken out the hard drive a couple of times and put it back in, nothing happened.
  3. A boot cd did not work, btw. Doesn't seem like the cd player is turned on at all.
  4. I btw run Vista. Wow what a major pain in the ass it is not to be able to edit my posts.
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