Password remover do laptop hp probook 4510s

i lost the laptop and know when i get back from the police i cant open because the password its not the same.can someone help me please
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  1. Discussions on how to bypass passwords is not allowed on Tom's forums. Google what you need elsewhere.

    BTW, if the system is yours, why would the password be different? There is no way we can verify you are the owner of the system in question. If you get the rig back, in one piece, and the system password (BIOS password) has been changed, then contact the vendor and be prepared to proof of ownership.
  2. well thank to try to help but for a take my laptop from the police i had to proof its mine and in the place where they found mine they found more and im already try all the passwords i remember and even the bios password it was changed.anyway one more time thank for reply
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