Toshiba Satellite A75 Weird Charging Behaviour

Hi all,

I am having problems with the battery of my laptop i.e. Toshiba Satellite A75 (yeah i know it's old so plz don't advise me throw it away )... It's something like this.

If my windows is running and my battery is charging on AC and is 99% charged: it suddenly gives me error that my battery level is critical (shows 0%) and cuts off AC power automatically (starts to run on battery power even though AC is plugged in). However, laptop remains on for normal time span as it was fully charged. If I restart my laptop after this happens, it shows that my battery level is fine (98% - 99%) and charges through AC. This all will happen again if I don't remove AC soon. If I don't restart, then it goes on running on battery power until it drains down to 0% and shuts down (AC is still plugged in).

An interesting thing to note is that if my laptop is turned off, things go normal even if my battery is charged to 100% (it still runs on AC). The battery LED in front of the laptop shows green (fully charged battery) and doesn't cut the AC off (AC power LED is also green).

Please someone help me because I can't keep my laptop running for long times this way when I'm away (e.g. for downloading etc.).

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  1. P.S. : The battery is brand new so there's no way it is causing the problems on its own...
  2. Something sounds faulty and it could be a motherboard related issue, ac adapter or battery issue. It's too hard to narrow a problem like this down - as far as turning the machine off when you don't want it on. Close everything and just hold the power button for a few seconds to force shut the unit off. I know it's not the best solution but it will keep it from running.

    Did you try a docking station - the machine attaches to the dock which the ac adapter goes into and will charge through the docking station itself sometimes getting around these types of problems.
  3. Thanks for the reply...

    only if i get to know the mechanism of switching from AC to battery, i would be able to fix it... It's certainly not the problem in windows, because it also happens on linux too...

    I will try a docking station as you said...

    Can u please give a hint as where all this battery protection stuff goes on? I mean in BIOS/POST or it's in the circuit of motherboard or something?

    Thanks once again for your response... :)
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