I need some reccomendations

Hey everyone,
I have decided to go with a 2.26B 533fsb because I wasn't to impressed with the overclocking yeilds on the new 2200+ XPs. I had tree questions that I need help with before tommorrow:

1. What motherbored(and chipset) do you reccomend?
2. What memory is good(Samsung 3000DDR, 800RDRAM, etc.)?
3. What type of overclock can I get with this setup?

Please no AMD vs. Intel arguing and no pointless posts I really need some reccommendations and all links to reviews are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I recommend a 1.8A, Abit TH7II and Samsung RDRAM.

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  2. A new combo that I have found to kick ass for "out of the box" overclocking.

    <A HREF="http://fugger.netfirms.com/it7.jpg" target="_new">Abit IT7</A>
    <A HREF="http://fugger.netfirms.com/xms.jpg" target="_new">DDR PC2700 or higher</A>
    Intel <A HREF="http://fugger.netfirms.com/2950.jpg" target="_new">Northwood B</A> @ 1.66vcore <A HREF="http://service.madonion.com/compare?pcm=401997" target="_new">2952Ghz</A>
    Swifttech MCX478 (im sure a volcano 7+ or a alpha would do almost as good)
    Generic case and 300w PSU, 1x 80mm case fan

    The current Northwood B operate at a nery low vcore and that also keeps the temps way down at very high speeds. I started out at 166FSB and max memory timing but I had 1 hiccup and lowered the FSB to 164. This setup is awesome for out of the box overclocking performance. Once I wrap the pins on the CPU and connect it to supercooling it should seriously kick ass. at 164FSB I am able to play games, render terragen 6kx6k max detail, surf, screen saver, sleep, wake it up in the morning, and keep going. A very stable platform at very high speeds.

    full time 2.95ghz is sweet, and I pulled up a first page PCMark2002 scores.

    The IT7 is legacy free, meaning it has no PS2, LPT, or com ports. You connect keyboard and mouse via USB. If you need legacy stuff, BD7-II is the legacy version of the IT7.

    There is USB 2 and firewire ports on the IT7, decent audio with SPDIF optical out.

    P4T533-C is a strong board for RDR, but has lower FSB options in bios, and if you use jumpers on motherboard you lose vcore options so you are stuck at 1.5v.

    The IT7 also has memory volt adjustments, I did not have to adjust with the xms PC3200.

    I will be connecting the IT7 to supercooling and volt modding this weekend, 5/20 pack date 2.4B @ 1.32vcore

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  3. you prefer samsung as corsair memory?
  4. For RDRAM, definitely.
    For DDR it's very close, but I still prefer Samsung.

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  5. can you tell why? i was persuated the corsair is the first memory brand then micron-crucial then samsung.

    there are another good memory brands like Mushkin and Kingmax but they are relatively expensive.
  6. No offense Fugger, but I would like some other reccomendations please. For your information Corsair and Samsung memory is really the same Cosair is just rebadged Samsung and is slightly more expensive. Right now I am looking between like the BD7II/IT7 or maybe an Asus P4B533/P4S533. How does the SiS645DX Compare with the i845E? I recently built a machine with an Asus P4T533 and a 2.4B and it's fast but it only goes up to 150fsb so my OC was cut to only 2.75.

    One other thing is should I get a ti4200, ti4400 or a Radeon 8500 w/ 128mb. I found that a ti4200 costs slightly less than a 8500 w/ 128mb which is better?

    Thanks again. Oh, and is it worth bang for buck using anything but the stock HSF? I would kinda like the quitness of the stock one.


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  7. Cosair?!? is it a new brand?
  8. Sorry about that, but it's fixed Mr. Corsair.
  9. Samsung has really upped their quality recently, they used to not be that great.

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  10. < For your information Corsair and Samsung memory is really the same Cosair is just rebadged >
    from corsair, they select high quality samsung memory chips to fit their XMS specifications. i don't know from samsung.
  11. corsair3200,

    yeah that is probably true, but If you compare 3200/3000 Corsair to 3200/3000 Samsung they will be very similar because in both cases the chips have to be premium quality to reach that high speed.

    I really need some help with the other stuff though like motherboards and vid cards...memory is not a big issue for me

  12. Does anyone know the max FSB on the motherboards i listed above? I would like to get a 2.26 P4B to 2.8 but I know the Asus P4t533-C only goes to 150. Do any of the DDR boards go to like 180?

    Thanks again.

  13. You'd still get better performance from PC1066, but anyway...it would be easier to overclock the 1.8 because of it's higher multiplier.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  14. just a precision:

    Corsair Micro XMS (eXtended Memory Speed)
    chips Samsung Grade A, PCB 6 layers, gold contacts
    passive aluminum heatsink
    systematically tested for compatibility, performances and stability.
    Life guaranty

    Corsair Micro XMS DIMM 256Mo - DDR PC-3000 CAS 2
    Tested at 185MHz: CAS 2-3-3 @185MHz & 2-2-2 @166MHz
    Organisation : 8 chips, simple face
    latency : CAS 2@185MHz (370Mhz DDR) / CAS 2@166Mhz (333Mhz DDR)
    voltage: 2.5 v
    constructor mark: CMX256A-3000C2

    Corsair Micro XMS DIMM 512Mo - DDR PC-3200 CAS 2.5
    Tested at 200 MHz: CAS 2.5-3-3 @ 200 MHz / CAS 2-2-2 @ 166 Mhz
    Organisation : 16 chips, double face
    latency : CAS 2.5@200 MHz (400 MHz DDR) / CAS 2@166 MHz (333 MHz DDR)
    voltage: 2.5 v
    constructor mark: CMX512-3200
  15. bump for the night...
    come'on P4 guys share some info
  16. Quote:
    Intel Northwood B @ 1.66vcore 2952Ghz

    it seems great but what its price? it is not expensive? the xp2100+ is very cheaper.
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  17. Well the 2.26B runs about 260usd which is only 30 more than the 2200+ Tbred.

    I think I narrowed down to 2.26B with some Mb(need some reccomendations) or the 1.8A with a Abit TH7II and OC the hell out of it. AMD at this moment is just not cutting it for me. It's hard to go Intel but there are so many good reasons at this point. Once Hammer comes I'll probably go AMD but right now I don't feel like getting my third socket A cpu...

    So any other reccomendations? I will be buying tommorrow (computer show) so I need anything I can get now.


  18. review: <A HREF="http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/02q1/020117/index.html" target="_new">http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/02q1/020117/index.html</A>

    P4 Northwood 2.26B
    Abit TH7II
    2 x 128 MB RDRAM Viking

    overclocking presumed: 3Ghz.

    the cooling problem:
    If you want to apply standard air cooling only, you need a specially selected Pentium 4 processor that Intel itself was unable to provide for us. If you possess a water cooling system you can use almost any P4 Northwood at 2.2 GHz or higher.
  19. What is the max FSB on the Abit TH7II? Is it more than 150? in 12 hours I get to buy my stuff...I love the smell of fresh trased silicon. lol

    Well any last minute reccomendations?

  20. "Please no AMD vs. Intel arguing and no pointless posts"

    You are limited to what your mind can perceive.
  21. huh?
  22. The TH7-II can usually hit 150FSB, 170FSB is possible on most boards. but to reach that you will need water cooling or better and possibly a volt mod to the HIP6301 chip.

    If you are buying a Northwood B and a TH7-II then you are making a mistake.

    I have retired my TH7-IIR's, Northwood B needs a 533FSB board to get the most out of it. PC1066 will drop to cas 3 on a TH7-II (Cas2 to 411Mhz)and you will need to pair it with PC800 just to fire up the system.

    I have tested many TH7-II's over the passed year, its the best overclocking board for the Northwood A

    If you can live without the LPT, COM, and PS2 ports I highly recommend the IT7 or BD7-II (legacy version} for DDR and more I850E boards need to be released to get prices down and better overclocking choices, gigabyte 8IHXP is over $200 (with shipping) in most cases on pricewatch.com. call for availability as I have been wanting one since I saw the pics at computex. Iwill and Asus I850E solutions lack the FSB adjustments over 154.

    Asus has some great I845E boards.

    SIS and Via chipset are poor overclockers with 10% gain on average. I have worked with a few, I wish they performed better overclocked.

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