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A question about thermal grease?

Last response: in CPUs
June 15, 2002 1:45:14 AM

I've been reading up on Arctic Silver III since it seems to be the number 1 thermal grease option out there. I was wondering though according to the specs for AS3 it is:
Arctic Silver III features
* Made with 99.9% pure micronized silver.
* Over 70% silver content by weight.
* Temperature range: -40C to >160C
* Controlled triple phase viscosity.
* Thermal conductivity: >9.0 W/m°K (Hot Wire Method Per MIL-C-47113)
* Thermal Resistance: <0.0024°C-in²/Watt (0.001 inch layer)
* 4 to 15 degrees C lower CPU core temperatures than standard compounds or pads.
* Negligible electrical conductivity.

And this is available at my local Compusa:
99.9% pure micronized silver
75-80% silver content by weight
Thermal conductivity 8.2 w/m degrees Kelvin
External Temp. Limits; -60 degrees to 170 degrees
5-10 degrees C lower CPU core temperature that standard compounds or pad.

Arent these pretty much the same thing? or is there something else in AS3 that makes it much better?

The reason Im asking is I would like to get some HQ Silver Thermal Grease for peace of mind and also for OCing. Would I be okay with the stuff from Compusa, or should I order some AS3? I cant seem to find any AS3 locally but I can order it if need be.

Thank you
June 15, 2002 4:07:29 AM

AS3 is good, but the stuff from CompUSA will probably do almost as well. Either one is better than one of the pink thermal pads. There's only so much that thermal grease can do ... it just fills in the microscopic gaps where the heatsink isn't touching the CPU. So I wouldn't get too wrapped around the axle about having to use AS3.

<i>Money talks. Mine always likes to say "goodbye." :smile: </i>
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June 15, 2002 4:07:38 AM

Whats available at your local COMPUSA store will work just fine.
June 15, 2002 4:57:02 AM

cool. Thanks.