Charger pin problem

there is some problem with my laptop charger pin
it directly run computer but does not charge battery.i have check my laptop battery with another charger an it charge battery.Does new lead available in market?
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  1. I'm sure there's new parts you could purchase from manufacturer or ebay, but the problem is you don't know for sure which part is faulty. Have you tried another charger with your laptop or did you switch the battery to another laptop?

    If you're sure it's your charger problem, then you can just purchase a replacement.
  2. Sounds like your saying the laptop works when plugged in with a AC adapter but does not charge the battery. Then it sounds like you tried another ac adapter and it did charge the battery.

    I am confused because if one did not charge the battery and one did - I don't know how it would be working with just being plugged in. There is no middle ground to it and it either is your ac adapter or battery since I am unable to translate your exact question.

    Sometimes you can buy a docking station which connects to your laptop and charges through the dock itself. If you could be a little more clear on the issue and what you tried and didn't... I'd be more than glad to help.
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