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Bios password help

I can't get pass the password set on my toshiba a305-s6872. I let a friend use it and she set a password and forgot it. I think its the bios password. Plz help without me having to send it to the company for them to fix it. i don't have the patients to wait.
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  1. Hi, so which is it a friend or sister? Why can't you contact tech support so they help you reset the password?

    well one thing you could try is to discharge the CMOS battery, but that would require disassembling the laptop, and even then, if it's a newer laptop it's not guaranteed to work. Plus, if the laptop still on warranty you don't want to open it.
  2. Is there a BIOS reset pushbutton behind a tiny hole under the laptop? You'd need a paperclip to reset it.
  3. On some laptops you can reset the bios by unplugging the laptop, removing the battery and then holding the power button down. Don't know if it'll reset the BIOS password, but I've used it to fix other BIOS problems.
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    Discussions on how to bypass passwords are not allowed on Tom's Forums. We have no way to determine if the system in question is yours or not. You have 2 options. You can Google a solution elsewhere (they are out there) or you can contact the vendor (just be prepared to provide proof of ownership).
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