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I am looking to upgrade an ECS K7S5A mobo (SIS735 chipset - I have to update BIOS 1st) from a Duron 900 to an Athlon XP. I am currently considering the 1800+ vs the 1900+. There seems to be about a $30 dollar difference in price, but only going from 1.53 Mhz to 1.6 Mhz (AMD measurements). Will I notice a difference when using the system? Is the diff between these 2 worth the $30-40 bucks? Thanks!

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  1. No you won´t be able to see a real difference, only a few scores in bechmarking. I would recommend getting the 1800+ and save the money for a better HSF or something else.
  2. No, not much difference. I would get the retail box version just for the 3 year warranty. With the retail version, use the standard heatsink pad; install the heatsink once and leave it alone. The reason I say this is that I beleive AMD may void the warranty if you scrape off the pad and use thermal paste.
  3. They usually dont, but the thermal pad works just fine, dont worry about temp the stock hsf works fine.

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