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Athlon XP upgrade recommendations pls

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June 15, 2002 10:09:12 PM

I am looking to upgrade an ECS K7S5A mobo (SIS735 chipset - I have to update BIOS 1st) from a Duron 900 to an Athlon XP. I am currently considering the 1800+ vs the 1900+. There seems to be about a $30 dollar difference in price, but only going from 1.53 Mhz to 1.6 Mhz (AMD measurements). Will I notice a difference when using the system? Is the diff between these 2 worth the $30-40 bucks? Thanks!

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June 15, 2002 11:56:18 PM

No you won´t be able to see a real difference, only a few scores in bechmarking. I would recommend getting the 1800+ and save the money for a better HSF or something else.
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June 15, 2002 11:56:48 PM

No, not much difference. I would get the retail box version just for the 3 year warranty. With the retail version, use the standard heatsink pad; install the heatsink once and leave it alone. The reason I say this is that I beleive AMD may void the warranty if you scrape off the pad and use thermal paste.
June 16, 2002 4:31:24 PM

They usually dont, but the thermal pad works just fine, dont worry about temp the stock hsf works fine.

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