Safe CPU Temperature?

Was just playin around with over clockingmy new P4 2.26 and Asus MB , wondering what a safe temperature the CPU can run before it shuts down? Right now I got it running at 2.41
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  1. I swear this has been discussed somewhere on this board before if you would have just check but anyways...

    I run mine in the 30s but i would say that if it is a least below 45 then dont worry about it...
  2. I did a search before I posted and didn't come up with anything. Thanks for your input, it runs about 35 right now.
  3. what sort of cooling have you?

    :smile: i like toasted cpu but not AMD-inside. :smile:
  4. Just the stock CPU fan and the 2 fans in the Antec case.
  5. 35? Come back when you're at 70.

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