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Is there any way, without using 3rd party softwares, to allow certain users on the WORKGROUP to access particular websites only.
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  1. Yes, but we need way more info about your network to tell you exactly how.
  2. noidea_77 said:
    Yes, but we need way more info about your network to tell you exactly how.

    What info do you need? If there is a good third party software for that, it will be good too. But I would like if you can tell me how can I do that myself
  3. Do all the clients have direct access through a router or via connection sharing on a server? In general, what you need is some type of a proxy server, that identifies the client by it's IP, mac address or username/pw and grants the access or denies it. So, what we need is your net topology.
  4. Hello. I'm facing a similar issue with my network where I want to block certain/all websites for certain users within my network. I can see the issue was not resolved so I would be ever so grateful if I could get some guidance. With regards to the network topology it is as follows:
    - There is a main router (D-Link) which is acting as the main gateway to give the internet acces.
    - It is directly connected to a switch. There are 3 switches at the premises and they are interlinked. The PC's/Servers are connected to these switches.
    - The router also acts as a wifi access point and there is another wifi access point connected to one of the switches.
    - The addresses are done via DHCP through the main router, however, a static IP scheme can be put into place.

    Please advise how can I achieve the web restriction that I require. Thank you for your time.
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