Can Duron with Morgan core run on KT133? Plz Help.

Hi. I have the AOPEN AK73 Pro mobo with the original KT133 chipset (not the "a") one. anyways, i was wondering; would i be able to run a duron 1.1ghz (one with morgan core) on this board b/c the fsb is only 100mhz and i'm not sure if duron is 100 or 133. Plz help me. Thx.

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  1. On Aopen´s website it says that you can run the 1,1GHz Morgan on the AK73 but it´s not recommended, whatever that means... Here´s a link:

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  2. Theoretically its possible, a all Durons use the 100Mhz system bus speed, but as Fenriz suggests, check the manufacturer for bios updates and supported processors.

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  3. I'm using a morgan core duron on my MSI k7TPRO (kt133) without any problems. But you must check if your bios suport this processor.
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