Games supporting 16:9?

Does anybody know of any games that support a 16:9 aspect ratio. With ATI now offering a solution to output component video I am investigating hooking up to my home theater projector.


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  1. hmmmm
    im sure that some games read the available resolutions off windows, so if windows contains oddball resolutions like 1280x768 or 16:9 widescreen ones then the game should run on them... should... mind you.

    i know that Unreal Tournament has the resolution saved in its INI file. but i never tried changing it to an oddball resolution

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  2. Thanks for the reply. I don't think that a game gets it's resolutions from Windows. The video card determines what settings are available, but games must support a particular resolution for it to be used. I point to Diablo II which only offers 600 x 400 and 800 x 600. What I've learned from other posts is that Quake III and it's offspring support widescreen resolution. There's also talk of Unreal II doing so as well.

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  3. that sounds aweome. id love to play pc games on a widescreen tv.
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