Gateway laptop screen shuts off

Model ms2274

I have the following situation... Laptop turns on and operates fine for probably 5-8 minutes... Then it goes black. WHen plugged into external monitor it operates fine. So i changed the lcd screen yesterday and now the issue persists. I have tried different ram etc....THe conclusion i have come to is that when it cools off it will finally load back up after a while but only stay on for 5 min. THis laptop does not seem to have an lcd power inverter. it is right on the motherboard... SHould i change the lcd cable or is my mobo bad? doesnt make sense bc when plugged into external monitor computer is operable............please help!
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  1. Hello brandonjm08;

    When the LCD shuts down are you still able to see text or anything still on the screen when you hold it next to a lamp or shine a flashlight on it?
    Does your laptop have a CCFL type backlight?
  2. i will try that....tomorrow not sure about the backlight...
  3. You didn't list the model - you should be able to look it up online.
  4. If it's a CCFL backlight there would be a FL inverter for the screen.
    If it's a LED backlight there won't be a FL inverter.
  5. it is led backlight. no inverter. THe heat is causing the particular part of the board that sends signal thru lcd cable to screen to fail after 5-10 minutes ...Although the computer still works when plugged into external screen....will try the new lcd cable tomorrow when it comes....
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