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Acer aspire 9424wsmi displays while booting, vertical lines and image off-center, slightly higher. Also in windows same behavior.

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  1. Hello,

    did the laptop previously get really hot and shutdown or reboot on its own?

    did you install anything prior to this problem? Did you drop the laptop?

    Typically, while booting, the GPU uses very low resolution, I can't think of a reason why it would be off center though.

    Same behavior in windows as in your whole desktop appears to be slightly higher? or some programs launch above taskbar?

    also, vertical lines on screen could mean a few things, it could be the screen failing or the video card being damaged in some way. To double check if it's your screen or GPU connect an external screen, if the same thing happens on external screen, it's the GPU/motherboard if the external screen is fine, it might be just the screen of your laptop that needs fixing.

    Hope that helps.

    If you could post a picture of what the boot screen looks like that could help visualize what you're looking at.

    (you can use websites like or to unload the picture and then copy the link into your forum reply)
  2. Hello,

    Here are the pictures you asked:

    It seems to me that the top of the image is duplicated at the bottom, since boot!! The vertical lines only appear while booting. Using an external monitor the vertical lines also appear only in boot, but the image is perfectly centered.

    The laptop isn't mine, so I can't say if it was dropped down, or hot and shutdown/reboot!!

    It was installed windows 7 ultimate (??)... and probably with wrong video driver from nvidia, because I resolved other bluescreen problem removing the same driver.

    So, Help!! :)

    Thanks for your post.
  3. I think it might be the motherboard interfacing into lcd, since otherwise it seems to be working fine.

    You will probably have to replace the screen.

    before that try updating BIOS and GPU drivers
  4. Hi again,

    I updated bios to the latest firmware and the Windows 7 gpu driver for this model doesn't exist or I didn't find it. I tried even modding the driver from nvidia but that doesn't work for this particular graphic card. Microsoft updates are off and the card accepts only the standard vga graphics adapter.

    Well, the problem still keeps duplicating the screen and no resolution enought... :cry:

    Thanks anyway!
  5. `which video card is it?
  6. GeForce Go 7300.
  7. oh, of course there are drivers for win7. this is nvidia after all

    ^ that's for win7 -64 bit

    if you need 32 bit just go back to support home and select to download driver for 7 series go 7300, select win7 32 bit, it'll take you to the appropriate driver.

    good luck
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