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Toshiba Sat L505-95988 WIFI Disabled

Hi all,

I am servicing a friend's laptop (as described in thread title) on win 7 and have found the following:

F8 Key has Wifi (FN-F8) yet it toggles nothing.
There is no wireless device in Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections
Computer acts as if a wireless driver isn't even installed nor recognized.
Friend reinstalled factory OS before handing device to me.
Holding FN key shows overlay of functions except the Wifi overlay is missing

Attempted the following:
Reinstalled Factory OS myself
Ran Toshiba Assist which says WIFI device is disabled, however OS presumes WIFI device doesn't exist.
Reset BIOS to default, wireless lan is enabled.
Symptoms described above persist.

My Question:
I've read on another forum somewhere that a technician can disable the WIFI device internally during the refurbishing process. Where can I find said internal switch?

If I'm missing something let me know.

Many thanks!
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  1. There is no internal switch, but it is possible that the wi-fi adapter is not inserted into the mini-PCI slot properly.
  2. COLGeek, that makes good sense. Is there a manual/guide I can find or specific phrase I should google that would let me see the specs on this thing? I'd like to find out which compartment to remove before unscrewing everything in earch of the mini-PCI slot. I tried to search earlier for a tech manual and couldn't find one.

    I can see that the center holds the RAM, HDD is on right, battery is on bottom. By glancing I'm guessing it's in upper left section. However, it's not compartmentalized. I really haven't taken laptops apart short of replacing ram and HDD's. I'm more of a desktop guy myself :P Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Typically, you need to get under the keyboard to get to the mini-PCI slot on consumer notebooks/laptops. Have you checked Toshiba for a service manual for the series of the system?
  4. Tried to take it apart without a manual, it was a fail. Despite getting all of the screws out I couldn't figure out how to take the bottom encasement off. I didn't want to force it so I just gave up. I'll try to find a manual and see how the hell this thing comes apart. I really haven't taken a laptop apart before and my confidence isn't that high. I've worked on desktops for over a decade, but laptops seem to be more fragile and I'm afraid I'll break something if I take it apart incorrectly. Will look for manual..
  5. Usually, the keyboards pop off via the top of the system. Many systems require you to remove a portion of the shell (usually near the monitor first) and that clears a path to remove the case from around the keyboard itself. No 2 vendors, however, do it the same.

    Start your search here:
  6. K, got to wireless card, was much easier than thought. Card was seated properly, removed and reseated, same problem persists.. replace $7 part?
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    Worth a shot. Little to lose. Could be the mobo, too. Cross that bridge when you get to it. Good luck!
  8. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that the new WIFI card worked like a charm!

    Thanks for the help :)
  9. Glad you are good to go now. Good job!
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