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I have a problem that I have tried researching not only on this boards, but through My CPU recently went down and I cannot figure out the problem. First off I have a ASUS a7a motherboard/AMD T-BIRD 1333.... It has worked fine for over a year. When I woked up one morning I heard a strange beeping every few seconds. When I clicked on the monitor, it was at this message: ATTN: No Signal check input signal connection, Power save mode has been enabled.

So first thought was, try resetting cmoss. Did that. Didn't work. Second thought, bad ram. Switched out my 2 sticks of DDR Ram with SDRAM from this computer (asus board takes either). Didn't work.

SO then I went and bought a new processor (Athlon XP 2100). Still same error. Next thought, graphics card. Switched that with a different one, still same error.

Any ideas? My fans still work, the heatsink still blows out, the power supply seems to work. Is the motherboard just bad all of a sudden? Please any help would be appreciated.

Sorry so long, but I know how some of you hate when not enough is explained.
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  1. d00d, usually the first thing to die on a computer is the power supply, did you try a different one? A power supply can die slowly, you could have improper voltage going to the RAM or CPU, or even the graphics card, due to low voltage on the 3.3v line. It wouldn't affect fans or drives, but the system wouldn't boot.

    The board could be dead also.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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