Is the battery light supposed to be active while charging a new battery?

I bought a used older model of a Toshiba laptop without a manuel. The battery was dead in it and I bought a new battery from the pc shop I bought the battery from. I have it installed correctly but the battery light isnt glowing as it should while a new battery is being charged.
Also I do not have (and have not had) the battery icon in my tray. Could there be something wrong with the battery compartment? I have only had this laptop a couple of weeks and it has a 30 day warranty on it.
Would appreciate answers and thank you,
Sincerely, kitty
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  1. well if the battery icon doesn't show up while you're on battery power only that's a concern. check your power options.

    does the battery work at all? (have you tried running the laptop without the AC plug?)

    if the battery isn't charging I'd bring it up with the vendor.
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