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My Windows Installer (.msi file extension installer) does not work. It keeps telling me, "This Installation package could not be verified..." and it goes on. Well I had this error on Vista so I decided to reformat since I cannot install iTunes, Quicktime, game demos, and essential drivers and programs. I have tried replacing the files, unregistering and re-registering them. I ran through the services and made sure it was starting automatically and it was on. I tried using the net start command to get it working and there is still no progress. I did 2 full reformats where I spent hours waiting for my hard drive to turn every bit back to zero and for windows to take its 10 minutes to install. I even set my bios to stock settings because I was previously running an overclock. My memory has been tested and my drive too, and there is not a single error present. I can only think to go find my old 160GB SATA drive and try to install Windows 7 on it. Any ideas anyone? I may just move to a custom build of slaxware linux until I find a suitable solution.
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  1. After doing countless reformats, I decided to use Darik's Boot and Nuke. Well it said it finished without errors in about 2 seconds, which is impossible for a 500gb hard drive. Well, after saying it completed without errors it said right at the top my monitor that it is possible that bad sectors are present. Nice to know chkdsk /v and Data Lifeguard Tools couldn't catch any of the problems. I wasted my whole weekend to find out its a hardware related problem. If only I had nuked the drive before I did my first Window's reinstall. Is it possible to fix the sector that the same files keep getting written to? I've tried 0 passes with no success. Time for a new hard drive?
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