I don't see why this M14X is better than this XPS 17

This is the XPS 17

This is the M14X

I confirmed with a Dell representative that the XPS 17 has 6mb cache, ram is running at 1333 mhz and the graphics memory is DDR5 NOT DDR3.

So why is the price tag the same?

Edit: the official reply I got from the Dell representative is the Alienware is more durable. I'm guessing that can also mean the Alienware has better cooling thus a smoother gaming performance? I don't know.
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  1. What about this M14X is it just me or is it almost identical with the XPS 17 with faster ram as the only upgrade? What's so special about the Alienware? I'm sure there's an explanation for that but I didn't get it.
  2. The AW model is more expensive because of looks,better cooling/build quality and being more portable
  3. The design of both the external and internals is vastly better. Just to compare:
    I have 4 years old Alienware lap top that quite literally hasn't changed apart from the dust on it ( it needs some brushing).
    I friend of mine bought a Lattitude ( which is not that far from the XPS series in term of quality) right now he has the following issues:
    -Scratches on the chassis
    -Laptop start running hot if he doesn't reapply a good thermal paste every 6 months.
    - The LCD housing is cracked
    - The mousepad buttons are sunken down.
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    well lol, quoting scratches on the chasis as quality of build? sorry that's just naive and short sighted.

    Dell is a big company, so unless their ODM specifically uses different touchpads from latitude to alienware cases I wouldn't expect much difference.

    As said above, AW is same price as a 17" xps, because alienware has higher premium (read glowy lights and alien heads), and smaller form factor. As far as cooling being better, I'm really skeptical toward that statement seeing how they have to squeeze fans and heat sinks into 14" chassis vs 17" chassis.
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