WD hd, short buzz upon boot, please help

just built my family's new computer, but there's one noise that seems rather odd, just wanted to make sure that it was normal. I have a western digital 120 gb caviar hd w/ 8mb cache and upon turning the computer on it emits a short buzz, the same noise you'd hear if a wire was hitting a moving fan. It lasts for about 1/4 of a second and has me kinda worried. The hd works absolutely perfectly though. Any ideas what that noise is?
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  1. If I remember correctly, and correctly me if I am wrong......that's the motor warmming up. Its a 7200 rpm drive, and a damn fast one also.
  2. My friend has a seagate that emits an intermittant whining sound. Sometimes its there, sometimes it isn't. Different to your problem i guess, at least its predictable.
  3. i really hope that's what it is, i think i'm gonna call wd tech support to make sure. The drive doesn't score that well in sandra for some reason, it only gets 28 mb/sec or something like that. Do you think it might be because of the via 4-in 1 drivers, i read somewhere that they actually decrease performance in win xp. I think i'm gonna try installing hd driver marked for "performance" of the epox driver cd
  4. Its possible i guess. Even the VIA4in1s for XP? You gotta remember too that you won't get anywhere near 100mb/sec anyway. I'm not sure what the real world numbers are for an ata100 drive, but they wouldn't be close to 100mbsec.
  5. Had same problem with a 60 mb one.
    Intermitent winning. Downloaded diag utility
    form Seagate. No reported trouble.
    But that particular disk droped frames
    on capturing uncompressed video,
    exactly when winning was happening.

    I got rid of it in the next office sistem assambled.
  6. this problem seems to be normal. I had also ordered one of these drives for myself (one for my parents computer one for mine) and my drive has the same exact little buzz upon boot, so i think it's normal, i'm still gonna call though.....interestingly enough though, on my computer the buzz did not come on when the hd was not detected by the mobo, it's as if the drive didn't spin at all, however the buzz comes on when the drive is not connected to the mobo or when it is connected properly, so i'm pretty sure that buzz must be normal, still gonna call wd and check though
  7. well open up ya case then turn your pc on.. see if you can isolate the noise.

    i had an odd noise like that too, thought for ages it was a fan hitting a wire, turns out it was only happening with a certain CD in my DVD drive hehehe.

    have a look around, makesure there are no wires close to fanblades.

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  8. ok, that drive is being formatted as i write this as a basic disk right now in my computer. with default allocation not sure what that means. and i'm not sure if i should have made it a dynamic disc either, let me know.............onto the more interesting problem. In my parents computer, win xp thinks the wd drive is SCSI, very annoying and i'm not sure why, might be why i'm only getting 27/mb sec benchmark from sandra on that drive. Was thinking of installing IDE miniport driver v3.0.14
    but i want to know if i should do that and why in god's name it thinks the drive is SCSI
  9. that can sometimes be to bad/incorrect drivers.
    when i used a bad lot of via 4in1 drivers for my mobo it made all my devices scsi LOL
    latest drivers for everything are pretty much standard nowerdays.

    P.S. please dont post multiple posts in different forums. tends to cheeze people off.

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