need advise - should I upgrade P3 or wait


I am struggling with questions for weeks now whether to build new system or wait few months with my upgrade plans for better/faster components. I mainly use it for office apps, photo editing, video editing, cd-r burning, Internet, some 3D gaming but not much. My current P3/550 is somehow working fine but I think its days are numbered. Here is what I currently have:

HDD 20G 5400
HDD 60G 7200 Western D.
Firewire PCI card
Sound, LAN, Modem – on board (sound really sucks)
Viewsonic 75f 15”/CRT Flat

My case, PSU and mobo are basically non upgradeable.
In fact I would like to keep the old barebones machine and use it for Internet and photo editing. I think I can re-use some of the old components though like 60G HDD, Firewire card, maybe even DVD rom and perhaps video card.

Here is what I think I would like to build:

P4 1.6A o/c
Question which DDR mobo? Asus P4S533 or Abit IT7
Abit has more features like RAID, USB 2.0, etc; Asus is more stable and cheaper….
case: CHIEFTEC Server Chassis (Workstation Tower) Model DX-01BD-420W
Samsung 512 DDR PC2700
DVD-Rom Pioneer 106 (If I don’t reuse old DVD-Rom)
DVD-R Pioneer A04
HDD WD 40G 7200 and 60G from the old system
Question about sound: I was thinking to use on board sound, I read that both mobos have decent sound solutions, If not I was thinking about VOYETRA TURTLE BEACH SANTA CRUZ – OEM
modem: ENCORE ENF656-PCI-IN 56K
floppy: PANASONIC 1.44 MB
Video card: Should I re-use GF2 from the old system and wait for new ATI or buy new v. card? Personally I don’t need any 3D acceleration in my old system but perhaps GF2 would not be enough for P4 and video editing, DVD rendering, 3D gaming, etc. I was thinking about those ATI All-In-Wonder 8500 cards… or 8500LE.

Do I have everthing....?

Anyway, please advise what shall I do: build now or wait. I really like to build one but perhaps I need to wait until fall or even next year….What would you recommend….

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  1. i would wait until late this year or next year. let amd get there newer cpus out and drive intel price down if u really want to use intel. u also might see ddr400 out by then which would be worth upgrading to unlike the ddr333. but its all up to u.
  2. Dude, you updating a Dell? (ugh :tongue: )

    Except for the video editing, you should be able to suffice with what you have and I would also recommend waiting before you upgrade. You'll have more mobo/CPU options as well as new video cards from ATi & nVidia.

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  3. I/m not upgrading Dell but HP…. but what’s the difference anyway….
    In fact video editing is working just fine, DVD rendering takes ages and that was the only reason for planning an upgrade. Perhaps I would only add A04 dvd-r drive and replace the old and slow cd-rw….

    I think that I will hold on with upgrade however I cannot wait to build new and take this old HP apart….

    Any other suggestions?

    Oh, and I will be moving to Europe in the summer for few years and I know that prices are much higher there comparing to the US…
  4. What board do you have? Was the same system available with a PIII 667, under a slightly different model number perhaps? Your system should support a PIII 850E or 1000EB, depending on bus speed support, and those processors are not expensive.
    Most HP's used Asus motherboards that were modified slightly to HP spec. If you can get me the model number from the board it would be helpfull.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. It is HP8575C and it uses Phoenix BIOS, according to HP it is harrier board and CPU can be upgraded up to 733 or some forums say it can only work with 600 or so. There is very little documentation on CPU upgrade on HP pages and their supprort really sux.
    Is there any way that I can find the board number/specs without taking the whole PC apart?
    In fact it would be great if I could upgrade it up to 1000 but I dont think this is possible.
    Any help welcome....
  6. It's only a matter of bus speed! If it supports the PIII 667 or 733, it supports a 133MHz bus speed, which is what the 1000EB uses. If it doesn't support any 133MHz bus processors, you can still get an 850 cheaply. To find out if you have an OEM version of an Asus board, simply remove the side cover on the left hand side, and look for a large silkscreened model ID between the slots.

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  7. the number between PCI slots is P2B-VT. I think it is OEM Asus board. I think it is FSB100.

    This is what HP tech suport wrote to me about CPU upgrade:

    "According to the product specifications your system was shipped with Intel Pentium III 550 Megahertz (MHz) processor which can be upgraded to maximum 600 MHz. To view the product specifications please visit the following Web site....blah, blah, blah..."

    In the second mail they wrote that according to the spec and 440 BX chipset the maximum upgrade of my Pentium III 550 MHz 512 KB L2 cache CPU Slot 1 is acctualy 600MHz...

    Does anyone know what the max cpu is that I can use for this motherboard? HP is saying 600 Mhz as the highest but I've also seen someone say that there is a 1 Ghz one that would work also. And what kind of CPU (speed, type, slot, etc) should I buy/look for...pls help....
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