AMD Athlon XP 1900+ temperature

I have recently upgrade my processor from a crappy PII 350, to a nice shiny Athlon XP 1900+. I was wondering what is a good (safe) temperature for this to run at.

When first switching on the machine, it is running at about processor 35C - system 30C, with normal load runs at about processor 43C - system 32C, and under load (ie. gaming), processor 52C (max) - system 34C.

I have a 3 fan 5.25 drive bay cooling fan in the front, pulling air in, and a PCI fan and system fan on the back pushing the air out.

Any comments or suggestions.
Steve G.
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  1. as long as ur computer isnt locking up on u and ur well below 90C ull be fine. my athlon 1.4 runs at 127F under load with no problems.
  2. you might wanna dump the PCI fan because the only thing they do is take up one PCI slot...

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  3. as far as i can tell your temp looks normal for a 1900+ just out of curiosity, what fan/heatsink do you have on the processor, i have the same chip except it runs about 54~59C on heavy loads
  4. hmmm...mine seems to run around 49Celsius here. Of course, it's just a little emachine Athlon XP 1900 but it seems to run well so far.


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