What would be the best laptop for me?

I am a full time student studying animation, I am not a very technical person when it come to computer technology. I currently use the Adobe Creative Suite 4 (but may upgrade)using mostly After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere. My last laptop (Compac CQ60) consisted of so many faults especially with overheating, so I am now having to purchase another. I am on a budget of £400 and need another laptop that will handle rendering, download and upload speeds, as well as having good graphics and multi-tasking between software programmes when editing. I would appreciate some help so I can make a wise decision this time :)
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  1. I would suggest the Dell Precision Mobile Workstation series. The US link is below, but should give you enough info to find via the UK site:


    You shoould also look at Dell's student/academic discount program and Dell's Outlet Store (I assume both exist via the UK site). The Precisions offer the features needed to do as you require/desire.

    Good luck! May your studies go well.
  2. Hello stacydawn;

    Your budget might not be ideal for what you plan to do with the laptop but it is your budget and you can get a laptop that will easily run the software you want. Uploading/downloading are not demanding tasks, the same for most of the usual student work and light entertainment pursuits like music, movies and video.

    Keeping your budget in mind, here a few options that should be a good fit.
    @ Dixon's or Curry's: LENOVO G570 15.6" Laptop £400
    Also available online Lenovo G570 £390

    If you don't mind playing the cash back rebate game: Samsung RV520 15" notebook £417 / £367
  3. Hi,

    I think if you can get any of the following in UK for similar price they can do the trick.

    -Lenovo 15.6"
    -Toshiba 14"
    -Samsung 15"
  4. Thanks this has helped me in the right direction, I have found 2 laptops good value, but just to finalise my decision which would be the better for what I will be using it for

  5. THe product comparison wont show since we did not introduce the items into it.

    Generally, any dual core+4gb ram+1gb video card (ATI/Nvidia) will do. The more you spend, the faster thigs will work (but also HOTTER).

    For information on noteboock, check www.notebookcheck.org
  6. If you paste the links to the laptops you want compared we can do that for you.
  7. stacy, the link you posted doesn't work, can you give links to product page?
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