Restore windows 7 ultimate to factory settings

I have a compaq mini 110c-1000 with windows 7 ultimate and want to restore to factory settings. How do I do this? I've tried the F8 and no luck
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  1. What are you trying to do? bios or os?
  2. johnnyq1233 said:
    What are you trying to do? bios or os?

  3. Just received this netbook and it has the windows ultimate but I think it originally had windows xp. Just want to erase everything
  4. Oh bios Johnny sorry
  5. That mini came with XP installed like you stated.You will need an XP disc to format and install to restore it back to factory settings.You will need a valid XP license also.Is there still an XP license on the bottom of the mini?
  6. I still have the XP license on the bottom, but it didn't come with the disc :(
  7. And there is no product key either
  8. You will have to find an XP install disc that matches your sticker : Home , Pro etc.
  9. I still have the XP license on the bottom < The key should be here
  10. This was a promotional mini for signing up for cable service a while back but there is no product key...very strange. Just proof of certificate of authenticity sticker and product: compaq mini and serial #.
  11. Contact Compaq.
  12. Thanks, I will. I appreciate your help
  13. No problem,stop back if you have more questions.
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