Removing old CPU, and replacing with new HELP ME

I built my first pc with the help of this community about 6 months ago...some of you may or may not remember be, but anyhow im ready to upgrade my cpu from a athlon 1.4ghz t-bird to a athlon xp 2100+ .... thing is.. i can't get my heat sink off, there's a medal bar going across, and its hooked to clips ... its really tight... and i just can't get that bar off to remove my old cpu... and replace it with the new one... please help me.

rcf84 can I have your autograph?
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  1. Those little things can be quote tough sometimes. I have to remove my power supply and push down on one side with a screw driver while using a pair of scissors to pry it from under the plastic clip. Doing something to this effect should help you out some, just remember to patch your bios before installing the new processor.
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