Problems with the athlon 2100+

i have windows xp ... i just bought the amd athlon xp 2100+ .. i install it, boot up my pc and get an error. "your cpu is unworkable or has been changed" ... so i go into my bios... the only way i can boot up my pc is if i run the fsb @ 100. im only getting 1300 mhz ... my mother board is a abit kg7 raid... i want my full speed , what do i do? is it a driver problem? ... please somebody help me

rcf84 can I have your autograph?
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  1. Please help me somebody. a link, anything

    rcf84 can I have your autograph?
  2. Look for an fsb jumper on your board, and change it from 100 to 133, or change it in the bios.
  3. what was the previos cpu. 1.3 Ghz ? windows xp is noting a major change in ur system and thinks ur pirating the software (maybe).
  4. You probably need to update your BIOS. You can get the update from Abit's web site.

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