Hp6735s mainboard and processor compatibility

I have an hp6735s with an AMD Sempron SI-40 inside and a broken hp dv6000 with AMD Turion x64 Dual core.

My question is : Is it possible to have the dual core turion installed into the hp6735s mainboard.

I can of course dismantel the working laptop to try and see but to save the hassle and time i just want to know if someone can guide me whether it is gonna work or not?

many thanks in advance.

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  1. If the model you intend to install the Turion in was sold with a Turion processor (as an option), then yes. If not, then likely it won't work.

    Both are S1 socket chips, but if your BIOS doesn't recognize the new processor, it obviously won't work. You may also have an issue with increased heat with the new processor.

    Regardless, as these are old systems, I would try it anyway. Fun way to kill some time and it might even work in the end. Be careful and you should do no harm.
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