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I have compaq presario f700 and i am unble to connect with the wireless or wired ethernet port for the internet. Reinstalled both drivers are both cards bad?
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  1. what ISP do you have? how are you connecting to the network? have you tried connecting with other laptop?
  2. I hace Clearwire. I also connect have a router on the network. I can connect any other laptop or desktop with no problem.
    I have done a system restore and still unable to connect. When using the ethernet port, get a message limited connectivity. I am running Vista on the machine. The wireless light is orange/red. I am thinking it's a motherboard or processor problem. I am beating my head with this one lol :sweat: Please help if you have any idea. :)
  3. check that your IP acquisition is set to DHCP or automatically obtain from server/router

    basically go through all your network settings and make sure they match the settings on other computers that are working with no problems.

    worst come to worst I'd say try to reinstall windows
  4. I brought a usb wireless card. Did some of the windows. The internal wireless card was working for a while until another windows update. Computer is running hot. I also did an HP updated. The usb wireless card is working fine. Now I can not get the internal one to work. I am still thinking it's a motherboard or processor issue. (Hope not) but this is one on me. I need help trying fix for my daughter and she's in school, we can not afford a new one at this time. At Least we have a connection, but I would love to fix the internal card, dvd and sound. At least find the What are your thoughts?
    Thank you.
  5. how are dvd and sound broken? if they are just not working I think you're missing drivers. You can typically find them here:

    as far as computer running hot, get a can of compressed air blow out all the air vents. consider investing in laptop cooling pad if needed.
  6. As I understand there are no drivers for Atapi CD/DVD. I've tried utube but no help. As far the sound got lucky and had sound until a reboot. I still think it's the motherboard or processor. AMD... the wireless usb is working great for now. My daughter need this laptop for school, at least now she get online. This problem with the wireless, sound and DVD is driving me nuts lol. :sweat: I have all updated sound drivers.That not the problem. System says sound card not installed. What gives?
    Help me please.......

    Oh, I did try the link. No fix.
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