ASUS A7V333 and AMD XP 2100+ locks my machine

I recently bought a ASUS A7V333 MB, AMD XP2100+, 512MB Corsair PC3200 DDR RAM... Firstly the CPU blew up... my mate kindly lent me his XP1800+ until i got my replacement Chip... got the replacement chip and system locks(ie. stops working completely) whenever i set the CPU Frequency to 1733MHz in the BIOS. If i set the CPU Frequency to 1300MHz then it all runs fine. What is wrong??? I have updated the BIOS to the latest release from the ASUS website which says that it has support for the XP2100+ CPU... does anybody have a suggestion as to what is going wrong here??? Could it possibly be the RAM or are my settings in the BIOS wrong??? If so what should they be???

Any help would be much appreciated


...why doesn't this f%#*ing work!?!?!?
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  1. UH?

    firstly... amd cpu's in my experience dont just "blow up"... unless of course something was done wrong with the mounting or HSF instillation.

    secondly, alot of problems can be attributed to the powersupply. too many computer suppliers use generic PIECES OF CRAP. what is your PSU.

    its unlikely to be your ram, the corsair should be able to handle speeds up to 200mhz.

    also what cooler are you currently using? and what temps does it read in the bios?

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  2. Power Supply is HEC 300W... it came with the case i got... a MACASE case...

    temps for the cpu are good around 40 - 45 celcius... this is when the cpu frequency is set at 1300MHz... when it is set to 1733MHz i don't know as the system doesn't run, even when going into the BIOS it freezes after a few seconds!

    the cooler is a thermaltake volcano7+...

    ...why doesn't this f%#*ing work!?!?!?
  3. don't tell me it is because of your corsiar memory. i willn't believe it.
    but nevertheless, that is seemed to be.
    urm.., maybe a faulty memory product?

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  4. if you cant get to the bios its unlikely to be the memory...
    you can test it though... set the FSB to 100, and the ram to fsb+33 or whatever the option is with the a7v333.

    my eye is on that odd named PSU you got. probably not good enuf

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  5. did the cpu just blow up? I would like to know that......

    Also hec powersupple is plenty for 1800+.....but I've seen problems with running 2100+ with them and a lot of them have problems running, lock ups and blue screens...

    if you are only running a cd-rom/dvd its fine, but if you add in a cdrw, raid controllor and other things.....

    I've seen with this ps where it won't post at the speed its supposed to.......


    get me a little more info
  6. how did the CPU blow up??? NO IDEA... built the machine... put everything together(including the cpu fan and thermal paste), set everything to jumper free... plugged in flicked the switch and not a second later it stopped... motherboard posted a cpu failure, smelt something burning turned it off... took it apart and there was a clear trail from one of the corners of the core that had quite clear burn marks through the thermal paste and on the heatsink base... how did it blow... good question. Not happy as it took another three weeks before i got the replacement too and now that doesn't even work properly.

    Systems specs are as follows

    ASUS A7V333(with latest BIOS update),
    AMD XP2100+,
    1 x Corsair PC3200 512MB DDR RAM,
    Leadtek GF4 Ti 4400(latest detonator drivers),
    Seagate Barracuda IV 60GB 7200RPM ATA 133 HD,
    1 x Intel 10/100 pro NIC,
    1 x 3COM 10/100 NIC,
    TDK 241240 CDRW,
    MACASE case with standard HEC 300W power supply,
    OS is WIN XP Pro...

    it takes about two - three minutes before it actually freezes too... when i reboot it then goes to a blue screen when it starts to load the OS.... if i reboot and go into the BIOS it freezes in there too if i am not quick enough to reset the CPU SPD to 1300MHz and save and exit.

    does this help??? i am not sure what more i can tell you!

    ...why doesn't this f%#*ing work!?!?!?
  7. Its your ps.........I've seen this before, it doesn't have enough power to power all your components.....
    2 nics? running as a server?'ll need something more beefy, like a emermax 300 or 350

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