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NVIDIA Drivers Causing Windows 7 Crash

March 5, 2013 12:52:55 AM

Hey all, so I built my new gaming rig yesterday. I had all my components except my GPU and everything went flawlessly. I installed windows 7 and had everything up and running last night. I was using my i5-3570k onboard graphics and had a resolution of 1920x1080 (my 24" Dell monitor's max). So my GPU came today, it is an MSI GTX 660ti power edition. After work, I installed it and the resolution was terrible (to be expected without drivers). I popped in the driver CD that came with it and then downloaded the NVIDIA driver contained on it (Version 306.97). When I restarted my PC, windows crashed before the login screen. It briefly showed the "Starting Windows" then just became a black screen and my monitor did not recognize my PC being plugged into it. I had to run a windows repair (which removed the driver) in order to get to the log in screen. I then went on the NVIDIA website and downloaded the most recent driver. I restarted my PC and the same problem arose, crashing before login screen. I then tried to download several of the older drivers and the problem persisted. Some of the drivers prompt me to install "MSI Afterburner" which is available for my GPU. If I install that, it doesn't recognize any MSI product on my computer. When I run dxdiag, it'sonly reading a "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" for my card, which is most likely because I need an updated driver. I'm fairly new to PC building so I have no idea what to do. The highest resolution I can get is 1280x1024 and it looks terrible. I am currently using the VGA In on my monitor, and the graphics card came with a VGA to DVI-D converter that goes into my video card. I tried running an HDMI cable, and while I could get a 1920x1080 resolution it was not full screen. Any idea how to get my computer to recognize the card and not crash after installing a new driver? Thanks.