1900+ to 2100+

just wondering if every thinks that this is ok?
Current temp is 52C and i upped the voltage 5% up, i'll run a few tests to get the cpu at full force. Heres my stats

Athlon 1900+ overclocked to 2100+ (+5% voltage)
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
512 megs of PC2100 ram
GeForce 3 Ti200 (overclocked to a TI500 specs)
Sound Blaster Live
Antec 1040 case with 4 fans

The video card's been overclocked for a while and since it had a large heatsink over the ram/gpu i figured it would be ok. Anyone seeing any problems?
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  1. If its stable you are good to go, run prime95 for a while to acertain if its good. You may also not need to raise the voltage, try and see if its good at stock voltage.

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  2. wow... someone got their gigabyte GXP mobo to work! :lol:

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  3. i'd say you're ok as long as you're running winXP.

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  4. the motherboard works great, gaming is smooth and photo editing is perfect. I really do enjoy this mobo. I did try lowering the voltage to stock and it wouldn't load windows. After running prime95's stress test the temp went up to a whole 56C (which is nice because my old athlon 700 with a orb was always at 60C) I did get a bad board to begin with but the one i got back from the RMA seems to be working fine. I also pushed my processor with an hour of converting video just to make sure. Otherwise it seems to be a stable motherboard. =P
  5. btw, yes i am using win xp pro. =P
  6. lucky bastard
    wish I could do the same, so far it failed. :frown:

    1) Via-bridges (<font color=red>not very stable</font color=red>)
    2) cannot install XP (hangs on setup)

    For the moment I'll wait 'till the hammer comes out.

    Now available: notebook with Mobile Hammer CPU and Geforce6; awesome!
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