Reformatted, graphics driver updated but still 'blurry'

Hi all, I just reformatted my comp ytd to win 7 for the first time.Everything went well when installing the drivers, except for my Geforce gts 250. I downloaded the latest driver from the web and immediately installed it. The screen turned black for a while ( changing display stuff I guess) and then few seconds later it's back.

However, I keep have the nagging feel that the screen is still blurry although pictures and everything seemed or looked ' fine' on my 1920 monitor.

The driver was also updated. But lo and behold, when i started playing dota 2, even though I set all to max, the graphics looks as though it is set to low. There were alot of 'unsmooth' textures' , like as though it is very 'un-anti aliasing'. But everything else as I mentioned, ' LOOKED fine at one glance' . It's just like the display is v low on contrast kind of problem. But that doesnt explain why my game, even after set to max, still looks like it is on low graphics.

I don't know what is the issue here, can someone please kindly help me? I've been trying for many hours but to no avail. The drivers are seen updated on device manager but I dont understand why there is still the nagging feel that it is not installed correctly, even though I can play dota.

Would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me on this. Do i have to download a basic 'foundation' driver first? or what?

Thank you!!!
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  1. are you using native resolution?
  2. yes i am!
  3. I also have to mention, when playing 1080 youtube videos, they look fine as well. But if i scrutinise it further, its as though the quality is fairly bad, with 'un-anti aliasing' textures. It's definitely not my graphics card problem, since it was working fine the just before i reformatted.

    I also have to mention, I think after updating, that was when i notice it just doesnt seem right. Before that, right fresh from reformatting, i THINK it was better, but since I updated and I cant seem to roll back to the one before, I dont know what is right or wrong lol
  4. you could try using an older driver like early 200's and see if there is a difference.

    nvidia has implemented a clean driver install into its drivers this will remove the old driver from your system preventing roll backs.
  5. I am going to try the 'default' one given to me by win 7. It dates all the way back to 2009. Be right back in a minute!

    Thanks for the replies so far guys!
  6. the defaults from windows have no optimizations for games to them. This means that you really should not use those drives for gaming and Nvidia drivers will perform better. Also newer drivers don't always mean better performance on older equipment.
  7. I seriously think there is still something wrong. The contrast is not as good. If I could I would have posted a photo comparison between youtube's dota at max settings and mine. Although it seems 'fine' it is very obvious the shadows are as though on low settings. Maybe I need to try other games to notice the difference better.
  8. right now, I have a feeling it is bad anti aliasing. It is very obvious when I don't even need to zoom in and i can see the steps being all jagged and stuff, not to mention the hero's shadow, it is blatantly 'grid-ish'... But look from far it really looks 'normal'. Is there a way to set the anti aliasing for graphics card?
  9. Nvm, I think I can never describe it in a way that anyone could understand. It's frustrating, because at one glance it looks fine, but I remember v clearly before how it looks like, so i know something is wrong. I will just have to make do with it... Really no idea why..

    Thanks for the reply though. WOuld take ur advice and just install the new ones since u said microsoft only has basic ones

    EDIT: After installing the new ones, I am very sure there is a difference. There is a very obvious DROP in brightness. It is much more dimmer than when i had the win 7 driver... Also, my desktop turned black after updating to the new driver...
  10. like i said do the 200 series drivers. i think the last one you can get is like 285 or 289. i have no issues with these on my 9800GTX+ which is very very very close to yours. they have the same chip on them.
  11. May I know what is 200 series drivers? Sorry for my noobness.
    But I think I am using the 200 series drivers. I went to the website and specifically looked for 200 series, gts 250 drivers. It gave 314.07 version and thats the one that made it so dim
  12. do you have 32 bit or 64 bit OS? once i know this i will post a link to the page for you.

    the 314.07 is the newest driver the 285 driver is older and is less buggy for older GPU's.

    "May I know what is 200 series drivers?"

    this does not refer to the card series but driver number. your card will work in the 100 series drivers also. example: Nvidia has 600 series Card like the GTX 680 but the drivers are only in the 300 series.

    " I went to the website and specifically looked for 200 series, gts 250 drivers. It gave 314.07 version"

    on the side of the page you need to select beta and legacy drivers. then at the bottom of where you enter the info of your card, you need to select WHQL. this will give you the older driver selection.
  13. Mine is 32bit!
  14. tried it, still dull graphics. It's just not sharp. Seriously duno what is going on. Highly doubt its the graphics driver problem. Nor can it be the graphics card. There must be some drivers I have yet to install or something..

    PS: I compare screenshots of youtube 1080 videos and mine, and its a very obvious difference.
  15. Thanks for your replies anyways! :)

    I am just going to change back to win xp.
  16. I have the same problem! youtube videos are blurred, vlc videos too. I replaced my ATI HD 4850 with Nvidia GTX 650. Now Im searching for a fix...will never buy nvidia again.
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