CPU FSB for my Athlon XP1600+

I just bought the asus A7V-333. For the CPU External Frequency Selector I the settings range from 100mhz to 230 mhz. If my cpu has a front side bus rating of 266mhz am I using the 133mhz setting on the DIP switches? I am also using ddr 266mhz ram. I know this may be a lame question but I just want to double check with someone to make sure.
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  1. You´ve got it right, but I think you can leave the DIP switches on auto or selected by cpu...
  2. Thanks, and yes, there is an auto setting for a "jumper free mode" but I just wanted to have those dip swithces at the right setting just in case for some reason the jumper free setting did not over ride the FSB Dip swithces. Thanks. Off to install now.
  3. Actually, your right, I have to set all the dip swithces to off in order to use the jumper free settings, then I can control everything from the bios. But why would they have a manual adjustments if you can adjust these cpu frequencies in the bios? Is there some advantage for one of the methods of adjustment or is it so no-one can overclock your pc without opening the case?
  4. they ain't the same adjustments.
    try to increase your FSB by 1Mhz step from your dip switchs from 133Mhz to 230Mhz. haha.

    i hope you have some free time to spend to... hehe.
  5. Ahh, I see said the blind man.
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