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Laptop turns on, with blank screen and then off

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September 15, 2011 12:57:38 PM

Hey everyone,

I need a little help with my Advent laptop. I've been travelling for a couple of months and left my laptop at home with the battery still in it. I've come back and when I switched it on the battery had died not to my suprise so I pluged the power cord in and when I pushed the power button the lights came on, the laptop sounded like it was booting up and the CD drive going but no display, and after about 10 seconds the laptop switchs off.

I've tried turning it on a number of times and the same thing happens. I have also tried taking the battery and power cord out, holding the power button for 30 - 60 seconds and then replacing the power/battery one at a time - same thing as before happens.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem and how I could fix it?

Thanks in advance

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a b D Laptop
September 16, 2011 1:24:09 PM

so the screen doesn't display anything at all? has anyone used your laptop while you were away?

Can you try an external screen?

It could be something like cmos battery died but I'm not sure why it's powering off on you. Could be faulty mobo.
September 18, 2011 6:08:11 PM

Hey, Thanks for the response. I'm not sure if anyone has used my laptop, all I know is I left and it was working and its not now lol.

I have tried connecting the laptop to my HD TV, and also a monitor for a desktop using a DVI/VGA adaptor and same thing, no output and after a few seconds the laptop powers off.

So you think it could be the cmos battery? Would you recommend trying to change it and go from there?
a b D Laptop
September 18, 2011 7:42:51 PM

well the weird fact is, you say it powers down, if everything is working properly and say your video card died, but the rest is fine, there should be no reason for the system to power down. Do your LED lights blink in some unusual patterns while laptop is on?
Does the PC speaker give you any strange beeps?

have you tried starting the laptop without the battery, AC adapter only?

what about on battery only?

It seems to me that your GPU/motherboard might be damaged. Because even if bios battery died, then all you'd see is computer rebooting, you would still get some type of video output.

I'd check with whoever is living in your house if anyone has used the computer.

Because if it was working when you left and then it just sat on the shelf for extended period of time and then you turning in back on, there should be absolutely no reason for it to suddenly break down.

Was the laptop plugged in while you were away? if yes, was it plugged in through a surge protector? If it wasn't on a protected circuit, a surge might have damaged your AC adapter or worse - motherboard.

So, do your best to do some more testing, but chances are you'll probably have to spend some money on repair or get ready to get a new laptop (in case the motherboard is gone, it's not worth the money to pay for full replacement)

Good luck, let me know what you find.