What is the fastest hard drive i can install in Acer aspire 5750G?

What version of SATA does Acer aspire 5750G support?
how can I find out ?
I know the current HDD is SATA 300 but does the optical bay support that too ?
I plan to put a SSD in the HDD bay and a HDD in the Optical Bay in a caddy
Many Thanks in anticipation
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  1. their website doesnt specify and they dont provide a manual with that level of detail.
  2. you can find out by finding out what motherboard you have and what SATA it supports.



    judging that's the newest chipset, without even reading it I'm fairly certain it will support SSD just fine.
  3. yup i know it will support ssd but what version of sata ? 300 ? 600? thats the question and will both bays support it ?
  4. did you read the links i posted?

    second one you click download data sheet - it will give you full spec pdf for the mobo, about 700 pages.
  5. AntiZig said:
    did you read the links i posted?

    second one you click download data sheet - it will give you full spec pdf for the mobo, about 700 pages.

    Thanks for the link. Assuming thats the right motherboard (I don't know how to tell) it says the fist two ports are Sata 600 and the next 4 are Sata 300 . But It does not say which are connected to the tow bays the HDD and Optical Drive Bay. How can I tell ?

    Has anyone installed a SATA 600 device in any of the bays ?
  6. It's very likely that while the sata 300 support is in the chipset, Acer would only use the sata 600 ports since presumably you won't have more than 2 SATA devices in a laptop. that's why most sandy bridge laptops didn't need to be recalled- they were affected but the sata 300 ports were never used.
  7. ^ I believe that to be correct.

    If you want to make sure, you can call up acer tech support (or better yet sales, since it's still a going laptop) and verify
  8. Hi robotrobbie, did you already found out about the SATA II (300) or III (600)?

    I also bought the 5750G for my girlfriend last year and i have 2 SSD's at home (1 is SATA II, the other is III) and i like to put 1 in her laptop.

    I checked the specifications with Speccy (a program from Piriform, maker of Ccleaner, totally legit) and it told me the interface/connector is only SATA II. It didn't give me information about the optical drive type of SATA though.

    If you want to put an SSD in the HDD bay, you'll need to remove 2 pieces of plastic that prevent your SSD from plugging in all the way (because unlike normal HDD's, the SSD casing completely covers the SATA connectors). I wouldn't recommend this as long that your laptop is still covered by warranty.

    Pretty stupid of Acer not to make a decent space for an SSD and even more stupid to use the SATA II for the HDD bay. That's also why some of the 5750G's (MFG Date before 1104) were recalled.

    So the only option for me seems to be an optical bay caddy. I'm looking for one now and i'm pretty sure when I'll plug it in, Speccy will tell me what kind of SATA it connects to.

    I know this thread is 7 months old but i still like to hear what you found out since then... ;)
  9. Still no answer but found out mysef: I bought an optical bay caddy, installed the SSD and Speccy told me the expected answer: another SATA II interface.

    So the answer to your original question: Both SATA versions for the HDD and the optical bay are SATA II (300).

    Greets, ;)
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