Help me pickup the best CPU for my new comp...

Hi ppl, this is my first post so be patient... After a couple of years i decided to sell my current comp and break the 100 fps barrier in gaming, well, after a little of research i have the following specs:

16X Sony DVD-ROM
Plextor Plexwriter 24/10/40A
Western Digital HD @ 80GB ATA-100 7200RPM
MSI Video Card with GeForce4 4400 chip and 128MB DDR-RAM
MS Intellimouse Explorer
Samsung Monitor DynaFlat 753DF 1280x1024 @ 65Hz max
Aopen Case
Standard 3 1/2 floppy drive
MS Natural Keyboard PRO

and here comes the big question...

Which of this setups to pick???

CPU P4 @ 2.26Ghz FSB 533MHz
Mobo Intel d850EMV2 ATX
2 Kingston RIMMs PC-800 256MB


CPU AMD Athlon XP 2100
Mobo ASUS a7V333
1 Kingston DDR-DIMM 512MB

I cant afford anything higher :(

Which ones gives better performance for gaming?? its all i care about

Also pls tell me if i can improve anything on all other parts...
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  1. ok, i saw the other post, sorry i didnt before doing this, and im also again in the AMD vs P4 dilema.
    I sure will more likely never overlock the cpu, cuz seriously im afraid about it, i wont take any risk of burning up $200 to get 10% more performance. So it seems that i might get the amd after all, post your comments anyway
  2. its painful for me to say this, but i would go with intel right now if i were building a gaming system.

    however, AMD still has the upper hand on price/performance.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by slickstaa on 06/23/02 10:49 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. now lets say i cant afford 2.26 anymore ;( ...
    i have to sit back to 2ghz 512 kb cache and intel d850mv mobo :/, lastest benchmarks seen in this website show that athlonxp 2100 beats 2ghz p4... am i wrong?
  4. if the choice is now between a 2100+ and a 2.0 p4, then i would say definitly go with the athlon. It will blow the 2ghz p4 out of the water unless you overclocked the it.
  5. my suggestion, get a P4 1.6 or 1.8ghz and overclock that puppy to the max ;)
  6. Phob does not want to overclock.

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  7. THe amd system will perform better, without overclocking its the only way to go.

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  8. xp2200+@2.2
    Abit KX7-333R
    512MB CAS2 Corsiar XMS3000@3.6

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  9. Seems like all you need is sound, so just choose the mobo that give you that, you seem to like the asus. The Just get anything starting at the 1900+. 333 ram will work fine at any cas, if your not over clocking then dont worrie about that, youll save money, you should however consider getting either 2 new HDDS that run at ata 133, because if your paying for that option on the asus you may aswell use it. Or find another 80 gig HDD just like the one you have, and set it up on a mobo that has a raid controller, raid 0 will give you the best bang for you buck when gammming with big files.

    You cannot just focus on a fast cpu, if you not over clocking then you must look at other bottle necks that will cause you gamming to be bogged,
    Being picky will make you a happier person in the end.


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  10. ATA 133 is a joke unless you have drives over the ATA100 max size. The moving parts are currently the bottlenecks for harddrives.

  11. If your going to go P4 get the 1.8A with the Asus P4T533C. This board gives you room for future upgrades and you can OC the 1.8A in the BIOS.

    If you don't want to do that then grab the XP2100.

    Do not purchase the P4 2.26B unless you have are running heavy duty apps like a CAD/CAM package, or P-SPICE or Maya. If you are just screwing around at home and you want to have a good gaming rig, the 1.8A will work just fine. Getting the 1.8A should save you enough to get the Ti4600

  12. I use the XP2100 with the Asus A7V333, and can tell you the gaming is awesome. Combined with that 4400 you own.

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  13. ?!?

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  14. Phob,

    How much do you have in your budget? (how much are you willing to pay)? Give me the answer, and I will show you a better system for less.

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  15. Quote:
    <i>Phob says:</i>
    Samsung Monitor DynaFlat 753DF 1280x1024 @ 65Hz max

    That's a 17", I assume? I'd get a lower CPU and a better monitor. Your video card will be able to handle the games to give you decent frame rates, and you can upgrade the CPU later. It's cheaper to get two CPUs than two monitors, and the monitor makes a huge difference in enjoying games.

    <i>slickstaa says:</i>
    however, AMD still has the upper hand on price/performance.

    If you don't overclock, yes. If you do, then the 1.6A and 1.8A are better.

    <i>Matisaro says:</i>
    THe amd system will perform better, without overclocking its the only way to go.

    I agree.

    <i>Labdog/corsair3200 says:</i>

    When's the last time you saw a Palomino at 2.2 on air, numbnuts?

    <i>moneymike says:</i>
    How much do you have in your budget? (how much are you willing to pay)? Give me the answer, and I will show you a better system for less.

    If you can show me a system from Voodoo that will outperform mine for less than what I paid for it, I will Paypal you $20. Until then, STFU.

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  16. stuppug.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  17. If you actually READ those articles, it says that they are NOT air cooled. It's water cooled.

    If you want a very stable CPU, and/or can afford to get the p4, then get it. If you're slightly on a budget, want better value, or don't like Intel, then get the Athlon.

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  18. If your not overclocking then the AMD solution provides more bang per buck... unless you have craploads of bucks and all u want is max bang.

    also, there are alot of cheaper motherboards than asus around with similar feature sets.

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  19. oh btw, just incase you didnt know Mr Dark_Archonis, mr corsair3200=mfud=labdog=moron

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  20. I'd go with a different board, PC1066, and a 1.8A. You can overclock the 1.8A to 2.4, and that settup would stomp on the system you speced, for about the same money.

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  21. thanx a lot ppl, here are a couple of modifications i did to the specs:

    No more plextor, Lite-On 24x is better for backups and cheaper :)
    After reading the mobo review, i think i'll also dump asus and get a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP.
    I saw some comments on another thread, and ill dont use kingston ddrs anymore, ill buy cheaper samsungs

    About intel config, i cant afford pc-1066 rimms, so theres no point on the 533MHz FSB nor that same mobo.

    I currently have $1250 to spend on the puter, but i already have an audigy and a kickass 5.1 sound system. I wanted to buy a 17" crt capable of 1600x1200, but then i thought "heck, for how long could i play at this resolution with full detail on an athlon i cant overlock???" so i ditched samsung dynaflat 700IFT and thats why i picked current one...

    Im just curious, but my eager of speed and performance is about to make me to try oc the p4. I dont want an 1.6A overlocked, thats cheap crap, insted im interested on overlocking this:

    2 kingston PC-800 256mb rimms
    MSI gf4 4400 128mb
    Intel P4 @ 2.2 ghz 400MHz FSB 512kb Cache
    gigabyte mobo

    I know i would need an expensive water-cooler, replace vidcard's fan with a bigger one, and also a lil more voltage on the mobo, dunno about the memory.

    How difficult could it be for an oc n00b like me?
    Where can i get the water cooler?
    Pls post urls for guides or tell me if it is possible at least...
    Is it very risky? cuz i dont wanna burn a $200 cpu either

    It might be this, or just but the athlonxp 2100, gigabyte mobo, and samsung pc2700 ddr-sdram.

    Any more suggestions?
  22. well, 24 years, why i am not surprised? hahahahaha.

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  23. Phob,

    Check out the Tremor, Voodoo's lowest priced system, with great features, if you don't like it, feel free to flame me like everyone else.

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  24. Hey MoneyMike, you're back, thought you left these forums?

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  25. umm... around $1000 for an upgrade.

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  26. That computer <b>starts</b> at $1,950. That's slightly out of his budget, and he can build a better one for less.

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  27. Go with a ASUS P4T533-C mobo, Kingston RDRAM PC1066 256x2 and an Intel P4 2.26. This is the lowest end P4 with the 533Mbus. I would also go with a Western Digital JB special edition 100Gig Hard drive with 8M cache. I also love the Cooler Master ATC-201 SX case and the Enermax 431W PS. If you want ot overclock, this is a very easy setup to do it with. ASUS almost encourages it. Good luck.

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by jwcollect on 06/25/02 04:25 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  28. in the article about the overlocked p4@ 2.2ghz it says rdr is very sensitive for overlocking, is that true? cuz i would like to reach 3GHz :)
  29. It's possible to reach 3G, but that's really pushing it. I wouldn't push it that far. You'll also have to spend money on extra cooling and in the end it may not be worth it. The ASUS mobo, the 2.26 P4 with the PC1066 mem and the WD special edition drives makes a real nice combo. It's a fast PC. Do some research on overclocking, get some extra cooling, (make sure it's quiet) and start to tweak a little at a time.
  30. I have the P4 2.26B and I dont recommend it unless you are running some serious apps at home. If all you are doing is gaming then get 1.8a (like everyone else with a brain is telling you to do) and allocate the additional $130 you save to upgrade your video card. The Asus P4T533C isn't a bad pickup. It doesn't have firewire or 32 bit RDRAM support, but that is all it slacking. If you get the 1066Mhz RAM you can push it to 1200. If you skimp on the RAM you can also get 2 80 GB Western Digital SE HD w/the 8mb cache @ approx. $85 apiece. 512MB of PC800 RDRAM @ $160. P4 1.8A @ $170. Enermax 430W PSU @ $100. Asus P4T533c @ $160. That comes to $760. You have $490 for a case, a gfx card and s&h. You can then grab Gef4 Ti 4600 for $300 and have $100 for a case of you choosing and $90 to cover s&h.

    All these prices are of pricewatch, they may fluctuate slightly from day to day.

  31. so, lets say i wanna overlock the 2.2ghz 400Mhz FSB pentium4, the retail fan is enough? how much could i oc it?

    Also, i cant find a damn website selling an amd aproved fan/heatsink for the athlonxp 2200, retail one is far to expensive (about $50 more) id sure like to save $20 on a better fan, any suggestions?
  32. blah, nm, ive picked the cpu, it will be the 2.2Ghz Pentium IV Northwood with 512kb cache and 400MHz FSB. I talked to a friend and hes going to help me overlock it :) thnx for all your help ppl
  33. for writers my friend researched the asus 32x model and i guess it's very stable and does pretty good on backups. like it does raw format and efs and stuff to elude the copy protection.

    liteon i guess had issues ...

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  34. Quote:
    ATA 133 is a joke unless you have drives over the ATA100 max size.

    what?!? =\

    <i>if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy ...</i>
  35. Good advice Gal. I went for the 2.26 not so much for apps I run now, I do it so I won't have to upgrade hopefully a long long time. To me it's worth the extra $130.00 now. I also have two WD JB SE 100G drives. I like and have the Visiontek G4 4600 card and the ATC-201 Cooler Master case I also plan on getting the Pioneer A04 CD-R/DVD-RW. How do you like those?
  36. By the way, where do you buy your stuff? Your getting better prices than I get. Thanks
  37. is the street price guide that most people use. I go to for most of my stuff. It's either them or the cheapest pricewatch vendor, depending on what the product is.

    As far as the P4 2.26B goes, it is one hell of a processor. But after seeing consistent results with the OCing capability of the 1.8A it is extremely hard to endorse anything else. With P4 2.0s and up you need water cooling and a quality PSU, mobo and RAM to get at its true performance at a constant temp. I just wonder how long the cpu will last working that hard even at lower temps. Since the northwood is so new no one knows how long it will go on at those speeds before crapping out. And I don't want to buy another processor after I plopped down $225 to $300 on one not even 6 months back (if we find out the Northwoods crap out after being OC'd for long periods of time). Plus the additional money towards water cooling and the like. I just like to be cautious b/c I don't have A-Rod money in my bank account.

  38. I understand. Good advice. Have you ever used Directron or GamePC. There pretty good. GamePC has a nice Lab section where they do reviews. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet. Thanks.
  39. GamePC is fab. I recently purchased a server from them for work. I love their lab reports and their mailbag.

    Directron carries weird stuff like Kinyo brand speakers, I think newegg pricing is consistenly lower then them as well.

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