Win98 SE install freezes

I am putting together the following system:

MSI 815E Pro (MS 6337) mobo / with onboard sound,video
Celeron 633
128mb PC133 sdram
4.3gb Quantum Fireall 3.5 series
40x cdrom
Win 98 SE

The system boots up fine and all looks ok in bios etc but when I try to install Win98 SE it freezes when it gets to 'copying files needed for windows setup'.
I have read a couple of posts on other sites and tried copying the needed files into a directory on the c: drive then running setup from there but the same thing happened.
I have tried different cables, a different HD, different ram, different OS's (Win2000 & XP Pro) etc but still no luck.
I even put a pci video card in with the idea to disable the onboard but it wouldn't even boot enough for me to get into the bios. Should I disable it first?
I did notice that on the boot screen is shows the HD and CDROM as ATA 33. Is that ok?
Anyone have any ideas as I have installed Win 98 on numerous occassions and never had this happen before?
Any feedback appreciated.
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  1. I just went through a similar problem and I had a bad CDROM drive causing everything.

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  2. It could be your power supply or memory is failing. These two things are the most likely causes, with memory being the one I've had the most trouble with.

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